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  1. Hello, this radio show looks interesting; I hope to be able to tune in. I’m especially looking forward to Nidra Poller, an excellent journalist who has been living in Paris for years. She must have searing commentary on the horrific attacks of yesterday.

    I had a question about another guest on the show:

    “Morten Storm, former Danish Islamist and double agent for Danish Security and Intelligence Service …”

    With all due respect, what the bloody Jahannam is an “Islamist”…? And secondly, if he’s a former “Islamist”, does that mean he’s still a Muslim today (like that pseudo-“reformer” Maajid Nawaz)…?


  2. I listened to the Nidra Poller segment. Mostly, it was very informative and I appreciated her learned perspective. However, I do not share her optimism (and that of the host, Lisa Benson) that these latest attacks will wake people up. Perhaps it will be one small drop contributing to the slow stillicide wearing down our massively fashionable worldview and paradigm throughout the entire West, PC MC. But I see no signs that people are waking up. For we need to ask, “wake up to what, exactly…?” Wake up to the problem of the Tiny Minority of Extremists? Wake up to “ISIS” but not to Islam? Wake up to “Islamist extremism” but not to all the hundreds of millions of Muslims who support their mainstream fanaticism?

    One thing Nidra Poller said at the end I didn’t quite catch. Was she saying that there was a crowd of people standing behind President Hollande who were silently communicating their hateful support of the jihadists?

    During the Morten Storm segment, Lisa Benson asked him:

    “This ideology — can it be stopped?”

    This raises the question, what ideology is that? If it’s Islam, how would an ideology to which over a billion people in 80 countries around the world belong and in which they find their cultural and existential identity be “stopped”? One way to stop it is to whittle down the size of this “ideology” — to something along the lines of a TMOE (Tiny Minority of Extremists), whereby the only thing that distinguishes the robustly no-nonsense Counter-Jihad analysts from the PC MC mainstream is how small that “Minority of Extremsts” is. But is this whittling down to manageable size merely an exercise in artificial speculation ungrounded in what the mountains of data and oceans of dots to be connected about Islam and about Muslims indicate.

    P.S.: I think my previous question about Morten Storm was answered when he said near the beginning of his segment, “…thank whoever is in the sky…” — indicating a degree of agnosticism not possible for a Muslim (though still possible if doing taqiyya).

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