Supermarket ISIS jihadi urges pals to launch ‘Saint Petersburg-style’ bomb attacks in London


from the Sun and the Mirror

A BRITISH supermarket worker turned bloodthirsty ISIS jihadist is recruiting brainwashed fanatics to carry out bomb attacks in London.

Ex-Morrisons security guard Omar Hussain, 30, has urged followers to plan attacks like those that rocked the metro system in St Petersburg , Russia, this month. Hussain gave bomb-making guidance to members of a group using the encrypted Telegram chat service. Then he posted a picture of a finished device, saying: “Looks like creme brulee.”

The extremist fled High Wycombe, Bucks, in 2013 to wage “holy war”. He was recruited by Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria but switched to IS.

In December, Hussain delivered a vile Christmas message urging militants to rob revellers in order to get money for knives and bombs. The Brit ISIS nut wrote on a secure message service: “At Christmas the kuffaar (non-Muslims) are loaded with money so it’s the best time. Wait around the corner from a pub for a drunk kafir (non-Muslim) to exit and go down an alleyway. Once in the alleyway it only takes a few punches for a drunk kafir to fall unconscious. Take a few ikhwa (brothers) and u can rob him.”

Hussain said the stolen money should be used to buy weapons, adding: “They could stab a kafir or slit his throat. I had friends in the UK who would do this in London and they never once got caught.”

In a post in January he urged his 88 followers to “strike them where it will cause the most fear among the powerful”.

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