Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia: Muslim Human Bombs Attack Churches During Mass


As reported by Australia’s ABC just this morning.  Note that this attack was not carried out somewhere out in the sticks; nor was it carried out in Aceh which is known to be a hotbed of traditional Islam. It was carried out in the second biggest city in the country, in the central and most populous island, Java.

“Explosions Outside Churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s Second Biggest City.”

“Outside”. Whoever wrote that headline is determined to fudge the reality: that Muslims, packing explosives, and high as kites on the orthodox hatred of all Infidels that is dinned into them from birth by their murderous cult, deliberately sought to murder Christians, Christians who were doing nothing other than peacefully worship the Biblical God. – CM

“Suicide bombers have attacked three churches across Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya, killing at least two people and injuring a dozen others, police said.

Query.  Are the murderous human bombs being counted as the “two dead”? – CM

“The victims are still being identified”, East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera said.

‘Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country (Query – when was the last time you heard phrases such as “the world’s largest Christian-majority country” or “the world’s largest Hindu-majority country” or “the world’s largest Buddhist-majority country” or “the world’s largest majority-atheist country”, used whenever the countries that qualify as such happen to feature in a news story?  Or, for that matter, when Israel comes up in the news, did you ever hear it described as “little Israel, the world’s one and only majority-Jewish country”?  So why, whenever Indonesia is in the news, do we have to be officiously and solemnly reminded that it is “the world’s largest Muslim-majority country”, or (another favourite line) “the world’s most populous Muslim country”? – CM) and has seen a recent resurgence in homegrown militancy.

Thus the ABC and ‘wires’.  Rather – “.. is undergoing an ongoing and accelerating revival of traditional Islam and therefore a rise in aggressive jihad-mindedness”. – CM

‘Police told media that the attacks were carried out by “suicide bombers” and that at least two people were killed (the bombers? or their victims? – CM) and 13 were injured in the blasts.

‘Police officers were among the injured.

‘Television images showed debris scattered around the entrance of one church and police cordoning off areas as crowds gathered.

‘Authorities were also investigating whether there was an explosion at a fourth church.

‘El Shinta radio station says the almost-simultaneous attacks occurred (sic: were carried out – CM) during Sunday morning Masses.”

Of course.  Muslims have always attacked non-Muslims when they – the non-Muslims – were engaging in non-Muslim worship.  Muslims are taught to hate, hate, hate non-Muslims – to hate them and view them with murderous contempt, simply and solely because they are non-Muslims, because they do not regard mohammed as a ‘prophet’ nor obey his hideous teachings and example – and to terrorise them, to “let them find harshness in you”.  One may note, too, that in Indonesia the Christians – whether Chinese, or Indian, or of assorted indigenous ethnicities – are a powerless minority, and the Muslims are dominant, 85 percent of the population.  Java, where this attack took place, is more than 90% Muslim; the Christians – peaceful and law-abiding – number fewer than 5 percent, and therefore cannot by any stretch of the imagination be regarded as any kind of threat.  The bully mind of Islam is such that Muslims revel in the subjugation and abuse of those who are overwhelmingly outnumbered and therefore unable to resist or defend themselves; to hurt and crush the powerless.  But just reverse the percentages… let Muslims be a less-than-five-percent minority in a 90+ percent non-Muslim country… and the Muslims – they who shamelessly revel in subjugating, exploiting, abusing and mass-murdering non-Muslims whenever and wherever they have the power to do so – will squeal and whine and cry victim and complain that they are being ‘persecuted’, even as they make demands not for justice – since they are generally well treated in pretty nearly all countries where they form a minority – but for extra-special concessions, accommodation and deference. – CM

‘The attack follows a riot by convicted terrorists at a Jakarta prison last week, where five police officers were captured and executed (sic: murdered – were they beheaded, I wonder, to the tune of allahu-akbar? – CM) by inmates.”

Deemed-insufficiently-Islamic Muslims, such as those police officers, are always in danger of being reclassified as Infidels – and, therefore, as lawful prey – by those among their coreligionists who take Islam more fully to heart. – CM

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