Swedish migrant aides ‘were Isis recruiters’


From the Swedish edition of The Local

Sweden’s national job agency has sacked its whole network of immigrant resettlement assistants after suspicion that some of them may have tried to recruit newly arrived immigrants to jihadist-style militant groups, such as Isis.

“We have received indication that there have been instances of recruitment attempts or contact-making situations related to variousmilitant fighting groups,” the head of the agency, Mikael Sjöberg, said of the decision to immediately fire all of its resettlement assistants.

The Swedish intelligence service, Säpo, is now investigating the case, he said.

Although the agency would not name the suspected groups the agents recruited for, a source told Swedish tabloid Expressen that militant Islamist group Isis is thought to be among them.

The role of the agency’s resettlement assistants was to help newly arrived migrants find work by assisting them with, for example, the language or helping them with paperwork. Some of the assistants are also suspected of having been involved in fraudulent activities and pressing people for bribes in order to help them.

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  1. I would bet my bottom dollar that this sort of thing has been happening in a lot of countries, not just in Sweden. And has probably been happening – Muslims of certain kinds infiltrating themselves into ‘gatekeeper’ positions – for at least the past forty years, though probably more blatantly in the past twenty years. It is not only about recruiting incoming Muslims for jihad (and, very probably – for a consideration, of course – making sure that they know exactly how to fiddle the system). I suspect that it is also about making sure that Muslim ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’ get in – that their applications succeed – whilst others – e.g. Copts, or Assyrian Christians – who might be attempting to flee from the Predator Pit that is the dar al Islam, are kicked to the back of the queue or thrown off it altogether, hurled back down into the depths of the Predator Pit.

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