Sydney, Australia: Bengali Muslim "Asylum-Seeker", Surnamed "Islam", Kidnaps, Imprisons and Rapes Under-Aged Infidel Girl

The girl was from a foster home; there are aspects of this case that are reminiscent of the way in which so mamy, many Muslims in the UK have preyed upon underaged non-Muslim girls at the edges of society.  It strikes me that the damning report on the Muslim raping-and-pimping gangs in the UK, “Easy Meat”, needs to be placed firmly on the desks of officialdom and politicians – and, too, church leaders – in Australia as well as in the UK, with an injunction to read, learn, and take appropriate action, lest we discover that we, too, are acquiescing in industrial-scale Muslim predation upon young female Infidels in our country.

As reported by Laura Banks, Nick Hansen and Simon Benson in Sydney’s “Daily Telegraph” just four days ago.

“Asylum Seeker Who Came to Australia By Boat Charged Over Alleged Rape of Foster-Home Girl”.

That should be – “Muslim Who Came to Australia By Boat, Claiming He Sought ‘Asylum’, Charged Over Alleged Rape of Infidel Foster-Home Girl”. – CM

‘An asylum seeker (sic: ‘A Muslim ‘asylum seeker’ – CM) who came to Australia illegally by boat has been charged for allegedly raping a teenage foster-home girl (sic: that should be, “an under-aged foster-home non-Muslim girl – CM) he held captive for one month.

She was fifteen. She was under the legal age of consent, as reckoned by Australian law.  Therefore, even if she ‘consented’ – which I doubt – the sexual congress was statutory rape.  And she does not seem to have wanted to remain in his clutches, judging from the facts as recounted in the report. – CM

‘The girl was only rescued when police found her running “barefoot” down a Western Sydney street at 1.30 a.m. yesterday.

‘It is alleged Bangladeshi national Rashadul Islam, 29, grabbed the girl and attempted to drag her away, before the police intervened.

This is why we must not permit Muslims to enter the police force. Non-Muslim cops intervened to assist a young Infidel women fleeing from a Muslim abuser.  Had the patrol consisted of Muslim cops, does anyone who understands Islam believe they would have lifted a finger to help her? It is bad enough when dhimmified and/ or corrupted Infidel police – as in the UK – collude with and/ or shield Muslim abusers of non-Muslims. But when the police are Muslims, period, then an infidel wronged by a Muslim has no hope of assistance or redress whatsoever. – CM

‘He met the 15 year old, it is understood, in a chance encounter after she left a Western Sydney group foster home last month.

I would lay good money that it wasn’t a chance encounter at all.  I would lay good money that Muslim predators like this creep – surnamed “Islam”; you couldn’t make this up – have all such possible sources of “easy meat” staked out, and that they lurk and loiter around them, waiting and watching.  Stalking their prey.  It would be advisable for informed infidels to keep a close watch on the neighbourhood of foster homes, and also in the neighbourhood of schools – both primary and high schools – in any part of any Australian city where there is a known Muslim colony.  The infidel cops – in particular, the members of the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad – should include all such places  – schools, shelters, group foster homes – on their regular beat, as a high priority. – CM

‘The ‘Saturday Telegraph has been told she was reported missing by the facility almost immediately, but was not seen again until police allegedly found her being chased along Balmoral Street in Blacktown, by Islam.

“Chased along a street by Islam”.  Yes, pursued by Islam, by a Muslim rapist, slave-master, pimp, Abuser; as many a raped, abducted, brutalised and terrorised infidel girl has been, for 1400 years, in far too many parts of the world. – CM

‘When questioned by police, the teenager alleged Islam had sexually assaulted her, and kept her against her will for four weeks.

I believe her.  Thank God the police did, too. – CM

‘Neighbour Amarjeet Singh (the name suggests Sikh rather than Muslim identity – CM), said the girl “was barefoot, running down the street in a white shirt, when police caught up with her.  She seemed scared, and was asking police to help her.  Across the road was a man in his late 20s, talking to police and shouting at the girl”.

‘Islam was refused bail in Blacktown Local Court yesterday on charges of aggravated sexual assault and common assault.

‘Islam was refused bail…”.  Yes, let’s refuse bail to Islam: the religion of rape, slavery, armed robbery, war, and ritual murder. – CM

‘The girl was taken to the Children’s Hospital in Westmead for medical assessment, but was later released.

‘An insider told the Saturday Telegraph that Islam was among the thousands of asylum seekers (or, rather, “persons mainly of Muslim background and mainly male, claiming to be ‘asylum seekers'” – CM) who arrived, illegally, by boat, under the Rudd government.

‘It is understood that he arrived by boat on March 24, 2013.

There was no war going on in Bangladesh in 2013.  And this man was named Rashadul Islam.  It is not Muslms who are being persecuted in Bangladesh; it is atheists, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. No Muslim from Bangladesh should ever be granted asylum in an Infidel country. Muslims in Bangladesh are the persecutors, not the persecuted. – CM

‘He was taken off the boat in waters off Christmas Island – along with a number of other (claimed – CM) asylum seekers, and held in a community detention facility at Phosphate Hill on Christmas Island for two months.

‘Islam was released on May 15 2013 and flown to Australia. He was later granted a bridging visa.

Why?  He should never have been let in.  Just like so many, many other members of the Religion of Blood and War, Rape and Slavery, he is – as he has now amply demonstrated – a menace to all Aussie infidels, especially young women and girls.  After he has been convicted, and sentenced, and made to serve a sufficiently-severe jail term to make the point that what he did, here, is a crime, he should have his backside kicked all the way back to Bangladesh, where he belongs. – CM

‘Under Labor policy at the time, asylum seekers were permitted release into the community without stringent background checks.

The poor young girl that he seized, imprisoned and raped has now paid the price for that criminal negligence by our governing authorities. – CM

‘Islam has since been allowed to reside in the Blacktown community.

I wonder what mosque he has been attending?  Might be worthwhile trying to find out. – CM

‘Joe Chen, the owner of the Blacktown house that Islam shared, told the Saturday Telegraph that he had let the room to the 29 year old two months ago.  The teenager had started living there three weeks ago.

“He said she was a girlfriend”, Mr Chen said.  “[I} saw them together making dinner… shopping together, always together”.

In other words the Mohammedan never let his captive, his victim, out of his sight. One wonders exactly what threats were used to make her remain where she was and prevent her from trying to contact anyone.   Did she have a mobile phone? If so, what happened to it?  I would hazard the guess that if she did have a phone, Mr Islam took it away from her.  – CM

‘Mr Chen said Islam had a lock on his bedroom door.

Hmmmm. – CM

“Last night about one o’clock police knock on my door and ask for a key”, he said.

‘A Department of Family and Community Services spokesman said it was “deeply saddened” (no, that should be “disgusted and infuriated” – CM) by the alleged sexual assault, but would not comment further as the case was before the courts.

If they had any integrity at all the said Department of Family and Community Services would be hammering on the door of the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister, demanding an instant refusal to accept even one more Muslim immigrant or claimed (and most likely pretended) ‘asylum seeker’ into Australia.  And they should be demanding also that this creature be stripped of his ‘bridging visa’ and/ or whatever residency status he has managed to inveigle (let us be thankful that he has not yet managed to gain citizenship) and – once he has been subjected to suitable punishment – deported, remorselessly, back to crazed-by-Islam Bangladesh, where he belongs. – CM



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