Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, lead suspects in the San Bernadino Massacre with 14 dead, 17 wounded


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  1. “By the pricking of my thumbs…”.

    The minute this turned up in the news – it popped up on social media first, this morning, then I hopped across to our national news broadcaster and checked their ‘just in’ newsfeed – I had a feeling it was Muslims. The location, and something about the *style* of the attack, led me to make a copy of the initial article and then keep checking periodically during the day to see what emerged. And lo and behold, the head perp turns out to be a devout mosque-attending Mohammedan.

    Of course, all over social media the Defenders of Islam will be out in force. The very same people who would blame ALL Christians – or all persons, whether Christian or not, who have ever expressed a certain queasiness about mid-term or late-term abortions – for the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility, or who will happily blame all Catholics and Christianity-as-such, for the sins of pedophile priests (even though pedophile rape is nowhere commanded nor approved in the Christian scriptures and is indeed very manifestly a sin against A/ charity and B/ chastity), will now be wagging their fingers at us and falling over themselves to exonerate Islam and Muslims from any connection at all to this bloody Muslim murder of fourteen hapless Infidels at a Christmas party…even though the hating, attacking and killing of Infidels is explicitly encouraged over-and-over in the core texts of Islam and is modelled multiple times by the actions of mohammed himself as depicted in those texts. Collective blaming of Christians? – everyone is fine with that; but the slightest hint of collective blaming of Muslims, or identification of Muslims as a potentially dangerous human gestalt…NOT PERMITTED.

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