Taqiyya TV With a Side Helping of Nonsense and Lies: Muslims in Australia Launch Own TV Studio


As reported the other day by Jason Om for our reliably-Islamophile ABC’s “Lateline” program.  It seems that despite their best efforts our mainstream media outlets are just not fawningly-flattering enough to satisfy the Muslims; so they (the Muslims) have set up their own TV studio, to encourage the Ummah and fool those Infidels gullible enough to tune in without first turning their personal BS-detectors on to “high”.


“Muslim Community Establishes $1 Million Television Studio, the One Path Network, to Counter Mainstream Media Treatment of Islam.”

‘Members of Sydney’s Muslim community have set up a $ million television studio to counter the mainstream media’s treatment of Islam in Australia.

‘From its base in Western Sydney (that is: from that part of Australia that is most heavily Islamised and Islamoformed – CM) the One Path Network films and edits videos for its YouTube channel, including interviews with local sheikhs about Islamic teachings and current affairs.

I would advise ASIO, the AFP and the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad to make sure they tune in regularly; but before they do they should read Raymond Ibrahim’s articles on Islamic deception, together with Wolfgang Bruno’s essay “Islamic Dictionary for Infidels” and Bengali ex-Muslim Abul Kasem’s “When is Islam Oppressed?”, in order to get a handle on Islamspeak. – CM

“This is a time where there is a lot of pressure on the Muslim community”, network head Malaz Majanni said.

“A lot of pressure on the Muslim community”.  Translation: “More and more Australian Infidels are finding out what Islam is really all about; they are seeing through all our “spin” and finding out our long-range game plan – Total World Domination, to be achieved by any and all means deemed necessary.  They are telling others, and little bits of the truth are starting to sneak through into the Infidel press, every now and again. And a few of their politicians are starting to get skittish, and are not swallowing our excuses and evasions.” – CM

“Unfortunately, you do find that with the mainstream media, sometimes we are misrepresented (yes, indeed you are: you are represented as a peaceful, misunderstood, put-upon minority, rather than as dangerous Fifth Columnists, members of a Death Cult that is actively inimical toward all non-adherents and their non-sharia-compliant belief systems and societies; if I had a dollar for every doe-eyed hijabi, impeccably made-up, so sweeet that she makes our teeth ache just to look at her, who has appeared in our media over the past few years, whining because some Aussie infidel, so she says, looked at her funny on the bus, I’d have enough money by now to take myself out to coffee at a nice cafe. – CM), lost in translation (I knew he’d say that!  every Defender of Islam at some point tries to claim that he, or the Quran, or the Hadiths, or whoever else  has said something thoroughly-alarming to the kuffar, has been “mistranslated”. – CM), and here we are able to make sure that a clear message is sent out,” he said.

Suuure. I am sure it will be clear…for those who have learned how to decode Islamspeak. – CM.

‘The network has provided its own take on major events including the Sydney siege.

Our approach was to make sure that it’s clear that this act is not an Islamic act“, Mr Majanni said.

Mr Majanni, you’re lying.  Lying to defend Islam.  Because is that knowledgeable Infidel, Rev Dr Mark Durie, who has spent a good few years patiently studying many ancient and contemporary Muslim texts, using history and those texts to illuminate Man Monis’ ghazi raid on the Lindt cafe in Martin Place…and another, similar attack that took place in 1915, in outback NSW.


“This person (Man Haron Monis) was known to the authorities as a criminal and he had no connection whatsoever with [the Islamic State militant group].  He couldnt’ even get the right flag.”

That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a Muslim engaging in Jihad fi sabil allah.  See the Mark Durie analysis. – CM

‘Some of the network’s coverage has diverged from the mainstream media’s approach.

‘Instead of focusing on the scores of Australians (sic: rather, “Australian-passport-holding Muslims” – CM) fighting for IS (for Islamic State – CM), the emphasis has been on former Northern Territory Labor Party official Matthew Gardiner, who is fighting with the Kurds against I.S.

But does “One Path Network” approve or disapprove of Mr Gardiner? And what would their coverage be like if he had joined the Iraqi Christian self-defence group, Dwekh Nawsha, rather than the somewhat-less-fanatically-Muslim Kurds?  What if other infidel Australians were to go join Dwekh Nawsha and assist those non-dhimmi Christians in self-defence against jihad genocide? – CM

‘The approach was to make sure that there’s no particular targeting against the Muslim community, that the law is applicable to all Australians”, Mr Majanni said.

In other words: don’t focus on those who are joining Islamic State, those infidel and some Kurdish Muslim Australians who go to fight alongside the Kurds and those who go specifically to join Dwekh Nawsha should be subjected to the same restrictions and punishments as those Muslims who go to join the super-pious beheaders and sharia pushers of Islamic State? – CM

‘Studio guests have included the head of the Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism section (I hope he had his personal BS detector turned on to “high”! – CM) and controversial (sic: “seditious, openly antisemitic and jihad-inciting” – CM) political group Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

‘Mr Majanni said the studio was funded by community donations (really? have its finances been audited? are ASIO and the AFP thoroughly scrutinising the source or sources of those monies? Because if this is not happening, it ought to be – CM) and staffed by a team of more than 20 volunteers.

Dear AFP and ASIO: please run a thorough background check on all of them, if you haven’t already. – CM

‘A range of prominent Muslims including the grand mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed (a Sunni Muslim from Egypt, Al-Azhar-trained, who speaks not a word of English and speaks to the Infidel press through an interpreter – CM), and Associate Professor Mohamad Abdalla from Griffith University (who has the beard and shaven upper lip of a Muslim who takes his Islam fully to heart – CM), have endorsed the project, appearing in a promotional video.

‘Supporters include a range of Muslim clerics from moderate to conservative.

Goodcops and badcops, Slow Jihadists and Fast Jihadists. – CM

‘Known as a dawah initiative, the studio aims to spread the word of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

I hope that Rev Dr Mark Durie and other well-informed Australian infidels – including apostates from Islam such as the redoubtable Abul Kasem and Daniel Shayesteh – will make a practice of viewing the programs regularly and posting analyses.  – CM

‘Community relations at their lowest ebb’.

You don’t say.  The barrage of reports featuring such things as the constantly-Quran-quoting Islamic State jihadis butchering Coptic Christians, posting bills of sale featuring kidnapped and enslaved Yazidi and Christian girls (with the highest prices attached to those considered most in demand, namely, those aged 0-9 years) and smashing priceless ancient Assyrian statuary, all of these horrors being fully in accord with the sunnah of Mohammed, is waking up any Infidel with a gram of commonsense. – CM

‘One recent video included a critique of the Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s views on Muslim leadership.

‘Last month, Mr Abbott said he wished more Muslim leaders would say Islam was a religion of peace, and mean it.

The problem is that they have their own special Islamic definition of “peace”, and they mean that with all their hearts…only it isn’t what we Infidels mean by “peace”. – CM

‘Sheikh Wesam Charkawi from the Auburn Gallipoli mosque (which was probably named because at Gallipoli the Turkish Muslims defeated – that is, repelled – an attack by Infidels – CM) has appeared on the network’s current affairs program, “Spotlight”, where he said Mr Abbott’s words implied the community was duplicitous.

So?  The thing is: anyone who has taken a good long careful look at the history of Mohammedan behaviour toward Infidels, and has read the scholarly essays of Raymond Ibrahim on the subject of Islamic deception in all its myriad forms, knows that Muslims very often are duplicitous. – CM

‘He told Lateline the latest comments have added to the mistrust already felt within the community.

You don’t trust us? – but your texts teach you not to trust us. For your belief system programs you to project onto us – the dirty unbelievers – the sheer unremitting malevolence that, at the same time, it programs you to feel and to practise towards us. – CM

“The Muslim community has lost trust, and feels completely abandoned by the Government.

Cry me a river.  Frankly, as far as I am concerned, the less influence your “community”, the Mohammedan Mob, has over our polticians, the better. If they are starting to distance themselves from you…if they are starting to shut their ears to your flattery and veiled threats, your nonsense and lies, that is a good thing, not a bad thing.  – CM

“I have never seen it at a point so low”, Sheikh Charkwai said.

Yes, up till now our politicians have been all too ready to dance to your tunes. – CM

“I haven’t seen it this bad before. These are the sentiments that are being conveyed on a daily basis.”

So? You don’t like it here?  Well, the airports are thataway.  This isn’t North Korea, where nobody is allowed to leave.  Nobody is preventing you from beetling off to the dar al Islam and staying there.  You have 57 OIC countries to choose from, if you’re uncomfortable in Australia. – CM

it is rare for sheikhs to do interviews with the mainstream media (now that evasiveness is interesting; I doubt one could make the same observation as regards the average priest – whether Christian, Buddhist or Hindu – or Jewish rabbi ; those folks are usually quite happy to talk to the press – CM) however, they seem to prefer the platform of One Path Network.

‘Sheikh Omar Al Banna from Granville’s Masjid Al Noor appeared on the network to denounce the burning-alive of a Jordanian fighter pilot by I.S.

“This organisation is committing atrocities.  It is brutal”, Sheikh al Banna said.

‘He said the killing was not Islamic.”

Nonsense.  By the way, I wonder what would happen if someone asked Sheikh al Banna about the burning-alive of the two Christians in Pakistan, Shama and Shahzad Masih, after they were accused of having burnt a Quran? What answer would he give?  And no matter what he said, knowing that it is permissible for a Muslim to lie to protect Islam and Muslims, could we trust him, anyway? – CM

‘Asked why Sheikh El Banna would not appear on a mainstream channel if invited, One Path Network’s Malaz Majanni said his studio had provided a space where scholars would not be misrepresented.

No: they prefer to remain in a safely-Muslim-controlled space where no pesky infidel reporter could possibly throw them a question they don’t want to answer.  As things stand, in an SBS or ABC studio they’re unlikely to meet such a person; but unlikely isn’t the same thing as impossible. – CM

“Why haven’t we seen a piece where a scholar’s come out on mainstream media speaking out about ISIS?” he said.

Depends what you mean by “speaking out”.  Condemning as un-Islamic the practice of enslavement of Infidel women and girls as war booty and their use – by pious Muslims – as sex toys? Condemning as un-Islamic the beheading, or robbing, or extorting, or driving-out of Christians and Yazidis and deemed-heretical  Muslims?  Condemning as un-Islamic the destruction of churches and of statues?  But how could any well-instructed Muslim ‘scholar’ do any of this, without lying through his teeth?…and he would be known to be lying through his teeth, by any intelligent non-Muslim who has had even a cursory look at the canonical Muslim accounts of the life of Mohammed and at the contents of the Quran and the Hadith and al-Tabari’s history and any of the standard handbooks of the Sharia. – CM



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