Teddy Bears


In 1952 when I was just a toddler someone gave me a teddy bear. Mind you, this was not an ordinary teddy bear, it was a genuine Smokey the Bear teddy bear. In the earlier 1950’s Smokey was the iconic spokesbear for the U.S. Forestry Service. He had a rather snappy song that was always ended with a growling voice that said, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” My Smokey came with a Ranger hat, a pair of blue jeans and a belt whose buckle read “Smokey”.

Smokey and I became the best of friends. Every night after I said my prayers Mom would tuck Smokey and myself into bed. I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I slept with my comforting Smokey until I was nine years old. (Also, in similar nerd fashion I rode my bike to school until my Junior year in High School.)

Recently, another disturbing video surfaced on YouTube. (It has since been taken down.) The video showed a two year old Muslim toddler with a large knife in the act of beheading his teddy bear. Off screen an adult jihadi coaches him in the proper way of beheading. When the toddler finally severs the bear’s head he yells out what now has become a blood curdling war cry “Allahu Akbar”. These demented, warped kids are collectively known
as the “Cubs of the Caliphate.”

What kind of idiotic parent allows a two year old to handle a wickedly sharp 10 inch blade. This is worse than running with the proverbial scissors in your hands. What could possibly go wrong with your toddler using a razor sharp knife ?

This is proof that Muslim parents don’t love their children in the way most Western parents do. From a very early age Muslim children are deliberately taught to be brutal and cruel by their parents. They are dedicated to be living sacrifices and slaves to the monster god, Allah. The poor kids don’t have a chance of being normal, well adjusted children. The psychopathology of Muslim families is multi-generational. Indeed, in many cases this abnormality can be traced back to the Ultimate Muslim Psychopath, Mohammed.

Muslim children are deliberately raised to be sadists. The child that starts by beheading dolls and teddy bears will then move on to beheading puppies, before he graduates to beheading Jews, Christians and, yes, even Muslim apostates. Most of these children will be killed in some future Jihad deluded by some Imam that savagery will get their ticket punched to Islamic Paradise, also known as the Big Brothel in the Sky.

I truly feel sorry for these toddlers.

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  1. ….and Islam is the religion most beloved by totalitarians and leftists all over the world. Muslims are the secret army of the left.

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