The 16th Anniversary of 9-11

by Gary Fouse

Today is the 16th anniversary of 9-11. It was the start of a new political awakening for me as I was finally forced to confront the forces that caused 9-11 to happen. Since that day, almost 30,000 Islamic acts of terror have been carried out worldwide. While 9-11 was the worst terror attack in history, it is hardly the only one and will not be the last.

One of the first things I did after 911 was read the Koran. It is ponderous reading, but much like another long and ponderous book, Mein Kampf, it is worth the effort. If you believe as I do that the Koran was actually conjured up by the Prophet Mohammad and not by God Himself, the two books have much in common in that they are road maps into what Hitler and the Nazis did and what Islamic terrorists have done for centuries.

We as a people need to understand the Koran and how to interpret its contradictions. Once you do that, you see that it is very logical. I have come to the conclusion that true Islamic teaching and doctrine call for jihad in the form of warfare against non-Muslims. That was bad enough when their world consisted of the Arabian peninsula. It is infinitely worse in today’s interconnected world.

I also believe that we must never let our anger over 9-11 dissipate. Most of the anger over Pearl Harbor has dissipated because most of the people living then are either dead or very old and Japan is not a threat to us now. It is a different Japan. Islam is another thing, however. 

As the years pass, I continuously ask myself what my attitude should be to Muslims in general. I take care in my writing and public speeches not to bash all Muslims or call for action against the Innocent. I think America’s record is pretty good on that score. If everything had been reversed, Americans would be hanging on every Middle East lamp post.

That said, I am not willing to let political correctness and concern over “Islamophobia” dictate what I say or write. We must firmly speak out against the ideology of Islam that calls for violence against non-believers, blasphemers, and apostates from Islam. It is fair to discuss the ugly parts of the Koran and the bloody parts of Mohammad’s life. It is fair to speak out against Islamic intolerance against others, the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world, the Jew-hatred endemic in the Koran, and the hate being spewed from too many mosques, both in the Muslim world and the West.

It is also fair to demand that peace-loving Muslims stand up against the militants and Jihadists. It is not enough for Western Muslims to express condolences to victims and condemn acts of terrorists while insisting that Islam is really a religion of peace and warn against acts of Islamophobia every time another atrocity is committed. Too many of these so-called Islamic leaders in the West merely disagree as to the methods used to bring about a world-wide Islamic caliphate. They believe it can be accomplished without violence through immigration, outreach, inter-faith events, and lawfare. 

With a few exceptions, it is evident that the Western Europeans are not willing to defend themselves from an Islamic takeover. Americans are different although we have our share of self-hating leftists who are willing to throw our country under the bus. They were ready to welcome the Soviets and communism into the country before and are ready to welcome Islam in to strip us of our freedoms as well. 

For the rest of us, we must make it clear to Muslims worldwide that while we wish no war against their religion, we will never submit to it either. If you can live with us and among us in peace and mutual respect, fine. If not, your place is in your countries of origin.

And you might as well put that word, Islamophobia, back to rest. It will not silence us.



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  1. It’s not just the Quran, either. It’s the Sira and the Hadiths, notably the Sahih Bukhari hadith collection and the Sahih Muslim hadith collection, and the Sahih Ibn Dawud collection. All of it exudes violence. And Mohammed, who defines what is permitted and not permitted – he is not judged by any external code of conduct, WHATEVER he said or did or approved, is deemed valid and permissible and admirable for all time – was a mass-murderous raping, robbing, lying, treaty-breaking and slave-raiding-and-trading warlord who, like a mafia don, ordered assassination ‘hits’ on his critics. Which means that rape of captive girls and women, sex slavery, slave-raiding and trading, mass murder, beheading, ‘marriage’ to and marital rape of barely-pubescent or pre-pubescent girls (because Mohammed wedded Aisha when she was six and bedded her when she turned nine) are all considered perfectly halal by pious Muslims. As are the murder of apostates and the murder of ANYONE – adherent or non-adherent – who dares to publicly question or criticise or make fun of ANY aspect of Islam whatsoever. This thing is a death cult crossed with an extortion racket/ crime syndicate. LIke the Mafia combiend with the Thuggees and/ or the Aztec human sacrifice system. Or like the viciously-cruel megalomaniacal cult-cum-dictatorship created by North Korea’s Deified-Family-Kim, only much bigger and much older and much better at playing a goodcop/ badcop theatre-of-victimhood game whenever they’re not strong enough – in this or that place or time – to just send in hordes of allahu-akbaring jihadis waving weaponry.

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