The American Mideast Coalition for Trump Responds to the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Lies


In an email sent to its supporters the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee demanded the removal of Stephen Bannon and Dr. Walid Phares as chief advisers for President-elect Trump.

They demanded the removal of Steve Bannon because of his chairmanship of the popular Breitbart News. According to the ADC, Breitbart “spews dangerous rhetoric,” whatever that means. Also according to the ADC, Phares committed the unpardonable sin of signaling the new President’s desire to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. A position President-elect Trump clearly laid out during the campaign.

Referring to Dr. Phares as “a well-known sectarian propagandist and militant ideologue,” the ADC demanded his removal from President-Elect Trump’s transition team. This smearing of Phares was launched by the combined efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood, al Jazeera and the Iranian regime. ADC is carrying out the agenda of terror groups and regimes by attacking Bannon and Phares.  It is also obvious the ADC has aligned itself with the Democratic Party (Terry McAuliffe gave the keynote address at its annual gala) and is attempting to undermine the Trump Presidency before it has even begun by using slander and lies.

The ADC issues demands of all kinds. In March, they demanded the FBI cancel a program designed to help stop Muslim youth from being radicalized because, you guessed it, it targeted Muslims. In September 2014, they demanded that Congress demand Israel stop its defensive operation in Gaza.

Get over it ADC. Hillary Clinton lost the election and now President-elect Trump has appointed Mr. Bannon whom we support, and, if he decides to do so, would appoint those, like Dr. Phares, who support his positions. Dr. Phares remained unwavering in his support for Mr. Trump’s policy positions throughout the primaries and the general election.

AMCT remains in full support of President-elect Trump, Vice President-elect Pence, Stephen Bannon, Dr. Walid Phares and the entire transition team. We urge them not to heed the ideologically motivated “demands” of those who want to see him fail.



John Hajjar & Tom Harb
co-chairs of the American Mideast Coalition for Trump

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