The Attorney General is to review the jail sentences of an Asian grooming gang after a judge ruled the exploitation of white girls was not racially motivated


From the Chronicle.

Operation Shelter sentencing LIVE: Some of main perpetrators facing lengthy jail terms today

Some of the main perpetrators in the Newcastle sexual exploitation gang are facing lengthy jail terms today as the Operation Shelter sentencing hearing enters its second day. Four men are due to learn their fate at Newcastle Crown Court for their parts in the scandal.

Meanwhile some good news about yesterday’s sentences. From the Telegraph

The Attorney General is to review the jail sentences of an Asian grooming gang after a judge ruled the exploitation of white girls was not racially motivated.

The judge’s decision meant stiffer penalties for racially aggravated crimes could not be applied in the case of the Newcastle-based sex ring.

Judge Penny Moreland said the gang picked out their victims “not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable”. Prosecutor John Elvidge told Newcastle Crown Court the victims were “white, British and female” and the defendants were “of Asian extraction” but insisted there was no direct evidence race had played a part in the gang’s process for selecting the girls.

Official sentencing guidelines stipulate that prison terms must be increased if crimes are racially motivated.

Jeremy Wright, the Attorney General, is set to examine the jail sentences after a former justice minister referred the case for review.

Lord Macdonald, the former Director of Public Prosecutions, said he was in no doubt that “aspects of the case are profoundly racist”. Lord Macdonald said: “They would certainly get stiffer sentences if the offending is racially aggravated.”

Mike Penning,  a Conservative MP and former justice minister, said: “I have asked the Attorney General to look into this case. This looks racially motivated based on the evidence.

“I don’t understand the judge’s ruling that this cannot be racially motivated.”

In a previous case, linked to the gang, one member expressed his contempt for white women when he was challenged by a ticket inspector on the Tyne and Wear Metro. Badrul Hussain, 37, who was convicted of drug offences but cleared of inciting prostitution, told her: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.”

Courts usually adjourn at 4pm, which as I type is 20 minutes time. The Chronicle should update soon. 

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  1. Strictly speaking, of course, this is correct. The crimes were not ‘racially’ motivated. The victims were chosen – and treated with vicious cruelty and total contempt – because they were KUFFAR, filthy dirty Infidels; and because Infidel females – of any age, of any condition, married or unmarried, nun or prostitute or schoolgirl, no matter how chaste or unchaste they might be from an *Infidel* POV – are sluts and tarts and are there for the taking, by any mohammedan male thug who feels he is strong enough to get away with it. They are ‘what the right hand possesses’. These rapes are *war* rapes, designed to humiliate and degrade the inhabitants of the dar al harb. The psychological driver of these Muslim atrocities against infidel females – and in Pakistan and in Egypt Muslims constantly target non-Islamic females of any age, even tiny children, for violent sexual abuse – is thoroughly discussed in a classic Frontpage article entitled “To Rape an Unveiled Woman”. ANY female who is ‘uncovered’ – unislamic, un-‘owned’ – is viewed as ‘there for the taking’; and not only ‘taking’ but destruction, degradation, humiliation; these girls were being systematically and sadistically *punished* both for being ‘free’ females *and* for being Infidels. Rev Dr Mark Durie has also given, on a number of occasions, a seminar entitled “From Pakistan to the Streets of Oxford – Understanding the Ideological Foundation of Sexual Abuse in Islam”. Perhaps copies of Durie’s lecture could be forwarded to some of the relevant journalists … and lawyers. And the judges covering the case.

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