The continuing battle for Brexit

by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Today is the first day of the appeal hearing at the Supreme Court to challenge the decision of the High Court in favour of the cabal of wealthy beau monde who are trying to stop the progress of Brexit. We were expecting a rally, lead by Nigel Farage for Brexit in the Parliament square area near the Supreme Court (which is in the building that was formerly Crown Court Middlesex Guildhall, and before that the County (or guild) Hall of the County of Middlesex. This was postponed but there was still activity outside the court in readiness of the hearing. I couldn’t stop long as I had to continue elsewhere; friends of mine were able to stay longer and take in more of the activity. These are some photographs of people who want the democratic vote of 17 million people to be heeded, and those who want it trampled on for their own ‘elite’ purposes. 

Movement for Justice – we fight to win – by any means necessary. Hummmm…..

This bus advertising a dating agency seems to be taking a pro EU, pro unrestricted movement of people line, almost to the point of endorsing marriages of convenience.

Dancing defrocked priest Neil Horan was there dancing spryly. He has some unconventional views; his support for Israel, and Brexit and his distrust of Islam are sound in my opinion, others go beyond the barmpot and into the realms of fantasy. But it takes all sorts, which is what we had in the days before ‘diversity’. 

Photographs E Weatherwax London December 2016


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  1. The complete contempt for the will of the people proceeds to limits that will end in horror. The wealthy, the powerful , the fanatically enraged….all unite against individual liberty and the means to express it…..the entire organizational structure of the planet is about to slip into horror.

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