The Cost Of Protection From EMP: Chump Change

By now everyone knows that EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse. There are two causes of EMP. The first is natural. Solar flares or storms from the sun occur periodically. In 1859 when about the only electrical device was the telegraph, a huge high voltage EMP hit the earth. It wreaked havoc upon the fledgling telegraph grid.

The second cause is the detonation of a nuclear weapon above the stratosphere. Again, a high voltage EMP is unleashed which fries everything in which there are unprotected microchips. And today almost everything contains microchips.

Imagine a world in which cars and trucks cease to function. Imagine a world in which life saving medical devices are destroyed. Think of a world without computers, cell phones, televisions, or radios. There would be no banking system left. Our society would find itself almost instantly back in the 1850’s. The electrical grid would be totally destroyed and might take four to ten years to rebuild. Meanwhile millions would die from starvation and disease. Estimates run as high as half the American population, a hundred and fifty million of our fellow citizens, would perish.

Who would want to unleash such devastation upon our nation? All indications point to the mad Mullahs of Tehran. This is precisely why Iran must not under any circumstances be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. The Iranian nuclear weapons program must be stopped. Seventh Century barbarians cannot be trusted with the destructive power of 21st Century weaponry. With every other breath they threaten to destroy us and our valiant ally Israel. We will soon be facing atomic madmen who can bring about the Apocalypse with the push of a button.

Yet there is hope. For a trifling amount we can harden the electrical grid and protect most of our electronic systems. Experts say the cost of protecting ourselves is a paltry three to six billion dollars. If we take the higher figure that works about to be about $20.00 a piece for the 300,000,000 Americans. That is dirt cheap insurance against an EMP catastrophe whether natural or Iranian jihadi caused.

In 2013 our federal government spent 3.6 trillion (not billion) dollars. Six billion dollars amounts to less than two-tenths of 1% of annual federal expenditure. The cost of protection is chump change. With such protection in place the Iranians would not dare to try EMP attack on our nation. For the cost of about two movie tickets (without popcorn) millions of lives could be saved.

Write your Senators and Representatives and demand that they appropriate money to harden the grid. We must defang the Iranian snake attempting to destroy us !


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