The Hypocrisy of CNN

by Gary Fouse

The talking heads at CNN (and other media) are now taking comments by President Trump in that George Stephanopoulos interview that aired last week as further evidence that he is a traitor who must be removed from office and then tarred and feathered. Trump, in his typically awkward style, and when pressed by the former Clinton spokesman turned newsman, said that he would certainly accept information on a campaign opponent from a country like Norway (Norway!!), and then, under continued pressing from Little George, said, “Yes, we would look at it and maybe turn it over to the FBI if warranted after we read it…..” (Obviously, I am paraphrasing.)

Of course, the sanctimonious media, led by CNN, completely ignores the fact that Trump’s opponent, the hapless  Hillary Clinton, actually used foreign sources to get information about Trump. The Clinton campaign and the DNC hired an outfit called Fusion GPS, which hired a Trump-hating former British intelligence agent named Christopher Steele, who had lots of Russian contacts who told him great stories about how Trump allegedly paid Russian hookers to pee on his bed in a Moscow hotel room formerly occupied by the Obamas. Of course, all this turned out to be unverifiable trash, but the corrupt suits at the top of the FBI used it as a basis to get a FISA warrant on a low-level Trump campaign aide named Carter Page. To make things even dicier, one of Fusion GPS’ top employees, Nellie Ohr, was the wife of Bruce Ohr, a top DOJ official who was involved in the whole FBI FISA mess with Peter Strzok and the whole gang at the top floor of the FBI that was trying to derail Trump.

One wonders when the reporters will ask Hillary if she would accept negative information about an opposing candidate. Surely, she would answer “Of course, and I would give it to the FBI as well.” (So they can use it to get a FISA warrant.)

All of which she, her campaign, and supporters did.

But this gets better. Now CNN’s Brian Stelter, the funny looking guy who has a show called-get this-“Reliable Sources”, openly raised the question with one of his “panels” as to whether the networks wanted to see Trump impeached for the sake of ratings. Instead of a simple, “No!!”, they all proceeded to dance around the obvious truthful answer, which would be, “Yes!! (Beware the hypothetical question.) Maybe Stelter should have “reliable source” Christopher Steele as a panelist on his show, “Reliable Sources”.  Surely that would boost his miserable ratings.

What is truly amazing about this entire “Russian collusion” mess is that for two years, the liberal media has obsessed about something that never happened (as certified by the Mueller Report) while ignoring the real scandal behind how this story was cooked up at the highest levels of the FBI and the Clinton campaign itself. That is the subject of the soon-to-be-released DOJ-IG report and is the subject of an on-going internal investigation by the DOJ under Attorney General William Barr-himself the target of the wrath of the media and Democratic party simply because he is doing his job in a straightforward and ethical manner, something that was badly missing under the Obama administration.

But even if you hate Trump, wouldn’t you get tired of watching CNN or MSNBC all day and night long droning on about what a miserable guy he is?  Every time you see Chris Cuomo, he’s standing in front of some chart or other visual aid railing on about Trump. He’s a one-trick pony. It’s not news anymore. Forget the wars, forget the natural disasters. It’s all about Trump. No wonder their ratings are sinking. Rather than a serious news organization, they have become little more than fodder for YouTube parodies.


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