The Lancaster Plan

by John M. Joyce (December 2015)

I don’t get invited to that many formal evening parties – maybe ten or twelve in a year – so when an invitation to grace a soirée that was being hosted by two of my oldest friends dropped onto my doormat I had no hesitation in sending off my acceptance almost by return. The icing on this particular cake was that I had been invited not only to their party, but also to spend a couple of weekend days with them to catch up with all our gossip.  more>>>


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  1. The article gives no sense of the history that has led to this state of affairs, which is what I’d like to figure out. For example, was this, the accumulation of muslims in Britain a known/designed strategy when it was allowed, and by whom, and why. If memory serves, Enoch Powell was talking against this, back in the day. So, was this deliberate? What do people sense.

    The other thing greatly disappointing, is the defeatism, resigning fate to the “inevitable”. Such weakness is stunning, in a way that is absolutely and totally degrading, and not in the sort of Churchill’s admonition to Chamberlain. There would be honor, in light of this article, only in suicide. Conversion, it would seem to me, would be the most dishonorable thing to do. In hindsight, however, we’ve all been watching from afar, for a long time now, disbelieving our eyes.

  2. Didn’t they have to take over the UN first, for they are in charge of refugees, who, how many & where the will go.

  3. As you say, this is a ‘sobering’ article and I should like to pass it on, but I feel I need more proof of what has been said or it will simply be taken as a ‘conspiracy’ theory. Do you have any more proof, any more sites about this?

  4. The ultimate conclusion of this so-called plan is surrender and Dhimmitude. I do not want to be around if/when it happens.

    However, I think your Mr Joyce has been the victim of a hoax.

  5. My analysis of the Lancaster Plan leads me to the conclusion that it is a brilliant story created, not by a fellow-guest, but by Mr Joyce himself, for the purpose of warning us about the real dangers of militant Islamism. From my comfortable home in Canada, I would rather see a full-scale civil war in Britain if that turned out to be the sole way remaining of destroying the Muslim threat in that country.

  6. The problem is more apathetic, ignorant, cowardly ‘infidels’ than Muslims on the march.
    If we are not killed in our sleep, we’ll waken in chains.

  7. Yes it is true….It explains a lot. It is alot older than Tony Bliar. It is typical of the British “Establishment”‘ especially FO types-It was not called the “Camel Corps” for nothing. I heard about this in 1997 from my old tutor at UCL.

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