The Questionable Case for Lifting Sudan Sanctions: Testimonies of Sudan Resistance Leaders-Part 3

Mr. Sodi Ibrahim, Executive Director of the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA-N) and Yunan Musa Kunda, SSRA-N External Relationship Coordinator

by Jerry Gordon and Deborah Martin

On April 26, 2017, the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights held a hearing on The Questionable Case for Easing Sanctions Sudan Sanctions The issue arose with the partial lifting by President Obama, just prior to leaving office in January 2017, of the 20-year economic sanctions against the Khartoum Regime of indicted war criminal Sudan President Omar Hassan al Bashir. A provision of the partial lifting of Sudan sanctions was a six month look back to determine if acts of terrorism and genocide have continued against the indigenous African people especially in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile Region. 

Over the past six months, The New English Review has published reports attesting to the continuing ethnic cleansing and genocide of indigenous peoples in these conflict regions citing specific instances of Khartoum Regime backed Janjaweed Militia- now renamed Rapid Support Force (RSF) or Peace Forces engaged in ethnic cleansing of villages and Internally Displaced Person Camps. The Janjaweed RSF Peace force is under the control of the National Intelligence Security Service (NISS) and Sudan Armed Force (SAF) Command. These reports have also uncovered a Secret Arab Coalition Plan that would replace indigenous people with Arab tribes to be completed prior to 2020. In many instances jihadist terrorists have been recruited from across the Sahel region and the Middle East. The objective of the Arab Coalition Plan is to resettle them in the lands formerly occupied by African tribal people with a view to creating a 150,000 man Jihad Army to create a Sharia-ruled Caliphate across the Sahel. The Arab Coalition Plan of the Khartoum Regime of President Bashir has the financial backing of the Emeriti members Gulf Cooperation Council and Saudi Arabia. These Jihadi recruits have been trained and organized in more than 16 camps in the Khartoum Region and equipped with arms and militarized pickup trucks. Further, there have been instances where the Janjaweed/ RSF Peace Forces have used prohibited chemical weapons of mass destruction coupled with bombings by Russian-supplied Antonov cargo planes of the Sudan Air Force on indigenous populations. And despite the evidence of abetting regional Islamic terrorism, the USAFRICOM, pursuant to so-called evidence of counterterrorism  cooperation by the Bashir regime has included it in quarterly security reviews at its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

For these reasons the authors solicited witness testimony from Sudan resistance leaders in Darfur and the Nuba  Mountains exposing the Bashir regime’s  Jihad genocide objectives of the Arab Coalition Plan .

Part 3  presents the testimony submitted to the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights of  Mr. Sodi Ibrahim, Executive Director of the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA-N) and Yunan Musa Kunda, SSRA-N External Relationship Coordinator.

Testimony of Mr. Sodi Ibrahim,

Executive Director of the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA-N)
Submitted to the US House of Representatives
Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights
April 6, 2017

My name is Mr. Sodi Ibrahim. I am director of the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA-N). I thank you for the opportunity to present my views for the consideration of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights on the reinstatement of US economic sanctions against the regime of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir.  I will address what is behind the current Genocide in Sudan, why the Regime policies of marginalizing indigenous African people, why Arabization of the conflict areas in Sudan have intensified, what is the status as of today and the resistance movement needs.

Genocide in the Sudan

The problem of Genocide in Sudan is a policy based on an Islamic belief system. Starting in 1881 Sharia Law was declared in Sudan by the Mahdi. He did this in direct defiance of an Ottoman Empire edict that exempted Sudan from implementation of Sharia. The Mahdi wanted a country that was fully Islamic for Arab peoples. The plan was made to slowly cleanse the land of the Black Skinned peoples (Abiid) as he believed was called for in the Koran.

This ethnic cleansing went on slowly by choosing to disadvantage and marginalizes all black skinned people of any tribe. In the 1950’s, a coalition to rule Sudan was formed by Sadiq al Mahdi, the al Mirghani family and Dr. Hassan al Turabi. The goal of this coalition was to Arabize the whole of Sudan while looking to conquer all of Africa for the Islamic cause.

In 1964 Sadiq al Mahdi, descendent of the earlier Mahdi and one-time president of Sudan, gave a speech in the Cultural Center in Juba, Sudan in which he stated, “All you people (residents of Juba) need to leave Sudan. South Sudan is the stepping stone to the Islamization of all of Africa. We do not want you here. “The Government had adopted a policy of slow genocide.

The policies of marginalization continue.

In the 1980’s Al Qaeda brought Bin Laden and the Muslim Brotherhood with their fundamentalism to Sudan which strengthened the desire for a fully Arab state.  Sharia was declared again in 1983 by President Numeri.  Dr. Hassan al Turabi and Sadiq  al Mahdi  during the same period preached that the Mahdi to come was arriving  soon since “it was  the 14th century since the hijrah ( migration from Mecca and Medina by the Prophet Mohammed)  and the Mahdi is coming to take over the world and we must be ready with a fully Islamic country. “

There was a major Arab (Muslim Brotherhood) conference in 1985 led by Dr. Turabi. Turabi immediately began to work against Christians.   The goal was to gradually eliminate them to cleanse the country.  When Bashir came to power in 1989, his goal was to speed up the cleansing of the country. He brought a severe government to power which used force to cause the Abiid and Kufr (infidels) to accept Islam or be killed.

 Arabization intensified

In 1994 Osama bin Laden from inside Sudan (with Bashir’s agreement) declared a Holy War against the United States. Bin Laden was living in Sudan waging this holy war or Jihad.  Bin Laden had   lived in Sudan from 1983 when Sharia was declared. Bashir supported Bin Laden with all the resources of Sudan. The Bin Laden Fatwa was a declaration of war on the US that has never been rescinded.

There was also a war declared by the Bashir regime on the non- Islamic and black-skinned people as far as Khartoum were concerned. So the Khartoum Arab Government began destroying churches, burning people in them.  The Arabs were using advanced weapons to destroy people. They used starvation, spread disease, withheld vaccinations, provided no education, and outlawed local languages and cultures.  They attacked villages, raped women, and killed elders.   They used any means to destroy the people of black skin, to cleanse the land.

They trained militias: Janjaweed, Miseriya, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Joseph Kony’s Lord Resistance Army, Somali, Malians, Libyans, Syrians, and international jihadi from all over the world. They built training camps and provided weapons.   This was part of a two pronged strategy to:  1) take over and ethnically cleanse Sudan, and 2) ultimately take over and unify the world for Islam.

In November 1994 the Khartoum regime announced that they would never accept a government with separation of church and state making it clear that the “Arab only ” form of Islam was in Sudan to stay and. conquer the rest of Africa and the world.

Status as of today.

The war declared against the US and the West has intensified yet again. Mujahedeen trained in Sudan fight in Syria. They accept the ISIS warriors as heroes and resettle their families in the Sudan by giving them the land of Darfurians that the Janjaweed/Defense Shield have forced to flee. Recently during SPLA-N fighting to stop these attacks the SPLA-N captured three Boko Haram International mujahedeen sent to the Nuba Mountains to fight for Khartoum. These fighters were instructed to kill everyone.

In the last year Khartoum has broken ceasefires more than 12 times.  Even following the US partially lifting the Sudan economic sanctions, the ceasefire was broken within a few days. Now Khartoum has used invested money against the black skinned Muslims and Christians to cleanse the land.

There have been 15 rounds of official negotiations to no avail.

Khartoum does not recognize the problem is its orders to kill the Abiid and others. No Sudanese can sign something that agrees to law that includes “kill the Abiid, Kufr, Christians, and Jews.” The Sudanese have black skin why would anyone agree to commit genocide on yourself?  Khartoum refuses anything but Sharia law which calls for death of a majority of its citizens.

What do we need

We need you to work with us. They are committing Genocide.

Right now they are killing us. We fight to defend ourselves, while they attack to kill and fulfill the obligations of the Koran.

Recently 143 families ran to the bush to find roots as there is no other food.  They were attacked and now eight women are missing.

The UN has failed to stop this genocide, the sanctions have failed after 20 years of application

Genocide is supposed to be stopped by any means according to international law – please help us!

Testimony of Yunan Musa Kunda, SSRA-N External Relationship Coordinator

Submitted to the US House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights
April 26, 2017

My name is Yunan Musa Kunda, Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency North (SRRA-N) External Relationship Coordinator. I thank you for the opportunity to present my views for consideration of the Subcommittee on African Affairs on the reinstatement of sanctions against the regime of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir.

History of Genocidal War in Sudan

The war with Khartoum is a resistance war against the genocidal policies of this Arab Government that took over Sudan from the British in 1956. The Arab Government instituted Sharia Law,  which they said calls for the extermination of the black population in the country.  This Arab Government officially began reducing the black population by any means. People with black skin from many tribes all over Sudan resisted that effort. The Genocidal efforts of the Arab Government have not slowed genocide by many means since independence in 1956 even though many Arab leaders have come and gone. 

From independence from the British to the Ananya PeaceAgreement only one regime was considered to have commuted genocide. Then from 1983 the resistance flared again as the genocide from the Arabs intensified.  Southern Sudan continued to resist the genocidal activities of Khartoum until independencein 2011.

What was the purpose of this genocide? It was to subjugate and remove black people in Sudan. The Government in Khartoum as late as 2016 stated that their goal was to kill all black skinned people in the country or enslave them as they do in Mauritania. They do not want to see black- skinned people in the country of Sudan.

One of our heroes was Philip Gabush Yusef from the Nuba Mountains who wanted peace. The Khartoum Arab Government put him in prison to stifle his voice.

The Late Dr. John Garang fought because the Arab Khartoum Government berated black people. The South resisted Arabization until independence  in 2011. 

Another strategy of the Arab Khartoum government is to resist Christians. So “no Christians” is a slogan the Arab Government lives by.  Right now in Khartoum another wave of bulldozing church buildings is going on.  They are also burning churches and even health centers who serve the black or Christian population.

The strategy of Arabization

Immigration is encouraged by the Arab government in Khartoum. In the last few months 3,000 Syrians have immigrated to Sudan and been given nationality papers and landthat belonged to the black Sudanese the government displaced. Khartoum wants to change the demography of the country to be majority Arab. The immigration documents of those captured by the SPLA-N indicate Sudan as their country of origin when their language is not Sudanese of any sort. The reason for this strategy is to have the resources of the country in the hands of loyal Arabs rather than black citizens.  So when the Janjaweed or Peace Forces displace citizens they want them to go to refugee camps or be killed to dispossess them of their land. If the refugees flee to South Sudan there is little food in the camps, few schools, and very few medical services. The UN does not supply enough food. The push by Khartoum is ejecting indigenous people from their land to not return.

Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction – Chemical agents

The most recent strategy that The Arab Government of Khartoum has deployed against the black population are Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction acquired from the late Saddam Hussein in 2002. This strategy was used in late 2016 just before the US lifted sanctions.


Lifting sanctions has only encouraged the Khartoum Arab regime to continue to kill the black population of the country whether Christian, Muslim or traditional religion. We are defending ourselves yet we are not the instigators of  the violence here. We ask you to do more than reinstate the sanctions. We urge you to do whatever it takes to stop the genocide against black people in Sudan.

Part I is here and part II is here.


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