The Real Resistance

Walid Phares urges western leaders to ‘step forward’ and tell the public, ‘we are in a war’

Kathryn Blackhurst writes in Lifezette:

National security and foreign policy expert Walid Phares called on ordinary citizens, during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” to form a “real resistance” against the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorists.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, outraged liberals have labeled themselves the “Resistance,” staging protests and engaging in any effort to undermine the president’s agenda. Phares, a former adviser to Trump during the campaign, said the real and present danger facing the world are the deadly actions carried out by jihadis.

“Instead of having the national leadership — I’m talking about mostly Europe and other countries in the West — advising the citizens as to what to do, my concern now is that … the government needs to step forward and tell the nations that we are in a war, unlike in the last eight years of the Obama administration,” Phares said. “And that is what Trump has been trying to do over the last few weeks now.”

“Tell the public that we need to resist, be the real resistance against the jihadis,” Phares added. “And then see what else we can do.”

As a prime example, Phares pointed to reports stemming from Saturday’s London Bridge and Borough Market attacks in the British capital that described bystanders throwing bottles, chairs and other items at the terrorists.

“When one of the terrorists attacked a bar or a restaurant, for the first time we hear that the citizens who threw the tables and bottles at him … that is the spirit of resistance,” Phares said, adding that if the government tells the people that “everything is normal and don’t do anything,” it only serves to demoralize them.



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  1.  Not enough people in the West follow Phares's advice. Instead, they breeze through life singing "Imagine", imagining peace, love and no countries, while the jihadis imagine war, hate and one country, under a caliph. Good to read that some Brits still have Churchill's fighting spirit. Imagine that!

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