The Russian foreign minister has become involved in an unusual democratic spat with Germany over the alleged cover-up of the gang rape of a 13 year old Russian citizen in Germany by “Arab-looking men”

From Breitbart

German police have claimed the disappearance by the 13 year old daughter of a Russian migrant family for 30 hours on January 11th, and her use as a “sex slave” by a trio of Arab men had been consensual, and no kidnap or rape had been involved. Russia disputes this version of events, with Russian media reporting the girl had been taken from her family and passed around the three men for hours on end.

Sex with a 13 year old girl, whether consensual or not, is a crime in Germany, yet there have not yet been any arrests.

The persistence of reports in the Russian media about the case has now led the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov to become involved, accusing Germany of papering over the cracks and covering up her rape.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday morning, Mr. Lavrov said of the young girl who has only been identified as ‘Lisa F.’, that she had “clearly not voluntarily disappeared for 30 hours”. Mr. Lavrov said the German authorities had in the past shown a tendency to “paint over the reality of domestic politics for reasons of political correctness”.

Thousands of Russian-German citizens rallied at the weekend in German cities, including a demonstration of 700 in Berlin outside the Chancellery, declaring solidarity with the girl and carrying banners declaring “stay away from our children”. 


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  1. Poor, poor little girl. What was done to her, by all accounts, eerily resembles what mohammedan mobsters have been doing to girls of a similar age, thousands and thousands of girls, all over the UK, for the past 30 years.

    I hope that the Bear growls and bites and defends his little bear-cub and chews up her tormentors and spits out the fur and the bones.

    I hope that the Bear twists arms until every single one of the perps is tracked down and subjected to the fullest force of the law.

    I hope the perps are extradited from Germany and given to the Bear to deal with.

    And to be frank, if Merkel *defends* the abductors and violators of a *13 year old girl* and refuses to make any sort of effort to track them down and arrest them and subject them to Infidel Law, then I hope that Russia finds some way of hunting down the bastards regardless and making them ‘disappear’, forever. (Many a German girl brutalised and terrorised by Muslim assailants must be wishing that somebody would go in to bat for her,, as publicly and loudly as Lavrov is doing for this little Russian-born girl).

    PEGIDA should be joining forces with the Russian emigres in Germany and *demanding* that every single Mohammedan who has attacked Infidel women, on German soil, be hunted down relentlessly and punished …and then expelled from Germany, back to the dar ai Islam, never to be permitted to return.

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