The Snowflake Revolution

No Noose Is Good News?              

by G. Murphy Donovan

Most media outlets attribute civic upheaval in 2020 to historical social injustice or Donald Trump, or maybe both. Before the history of 2020 gets written in stone, let’s suggest an alternative explanation; the self-inflicted, state mandated Covid-19 economic shutdown.

Early hysteria and misinformation sponsored in part by never-Trump zealots, a Chinese cover-up, and TV doctors stampeded federal and municipal politicians into to an overreaction, a total economic shutdown, the consequences of which have yet to be assessed.

Indeed, when the final arithmetic is done, 2020 may be remembered for a medical panic and a snowflake revolution, a children’s crusade that kept America on its knees, a year when the adult population knelt before their clueless kids, begging forgiveness for white privilege.

The Covid-19 shutdown was perfect Petri dish for mob rule this year; Covid indifferent adolescents with no school, no jobs, and no restraints. The 2020 revolt unfolds against a blue screen of black and white radical politics.   

No coincidence either then that so-called “protests” and “demonstrations” smell like weed. If you take a deep breath in Walla Walla you can smell Portland, Seattle, and pot on any zephyr blowing from the left coast.  

Many of those rioting countrywide, burning and looting city centers, are furloughed students or unemployed youngsters who have nothing better to do. Government and media cheer leaders, many on paid vacations themselves courtesy of Covid-19, routinely brand the race riots and carnage of 2020 as “peaceful” protests.  

If you cannot or will not go to school or work, why not use isolated injustice and cops as an excuse to loot at Wendy’s or Walmart or trash public monuments?  In addition to riot, looting, recreational arson, and vandalism; iconoclasm is now trending too among snowflakes nationwide.

Caroline Glick, like Sharyl Attkisson, often covers real news you will not see in the Post or Times, the antisemitism embedded in in BLM politics for example. And like the Holocaust, a poison pill likely to be ignored by most media shills until after the damage is done.

Cities are burning and monuments are falling whilst shell-shocked urban police and politicians take a knee. Antifa and ISIS are now soul mates in the public square.

So far the children’s crusade is winning.

Fortunately, for the moment, most of the criminal behavior is confined, to large American cities, liberal or Democrat Party sinecures. When America’s most dangerous cities are ranked, 18 off the top 20 are run by the American left.

The vultures of anarchy often feed on each other.

Where adolescent anarchy takes us is unclear at the moment. Kangaroo courts composed of kids with no sense of history or purpose are poor arbiters of social or any other kind of justice.

The majority of persistent 2020 rioters are white, one in six is black. Black snowflakes, however, if we can mix a metaphor, albeit a minority, are front and center in the 2020 juvenile justice crusade.

Black lives now matter so much that Jussie Smollett and Tawana Brawley, or at least their tactics, came off the bench to put NASCAR on its knees in Alabama. NASCAR’s only black driver has been using his number 43 Chevy, for BLM political propaganda from the start of the 2020 race season.

Bubba’s ride

Prior to the recent Talladega Speedway event in Alabama, Bubba Wallace claimed that a hangman’s “noose” had been left in his team garage. With knee jerk solidarity, the rest of NASCAR’s racing teams helped push Bubba’s fake news Chevy out of the pits as a token of red neck solidarity against hate crime and racism.

A platoon of no fewer than 15 FBI agents were dispatched to Alabama to investigate Bubba’s “straight up” noose fraud. The FBI determined that the rope was actually a lanyard with a loop that had been in the garage long before the BLM circus came to Talladega. Bubba, in spite of an FBI report and video tape evidence, immediately doubled down with Don Lemon on the hate crime charade with the fake news mavens at CNN.

Turns out that no noose is not necessarily good news.

Poetic justice had the last word at Talladega. Bubba Wallace came in 13 cars short of a win. Prophetically, he ran out of gas. Someone needs to ask Bubba; if NASCAR is a “white” racist sport, what would you call the NBA or NFL?

Wallace and Smollett help to illuminate the divide between affluent black and affluent white snowflakes. The white activist is probably a yuppie brat motivated by guilt and a liberal narrative that requires reparations and humiliation, taking a knee in public for example. The young black activist is often a punk, or a chump like Wallace, who uses the racial crutch to rationalize riot and insure the racial cleft is the teat that keeps on giving.

Fake victims like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace don’t let facts or reality change their narratives. Both are affluent and successful, yet both still prefer to play the victim, play the race card even if that means manufacturing hate crimes. “Get whitey,” like get Trump, is now a national sport in the hood and in a toxic black American subculture.

So goes the black and white 2020 Snowflake Revolution. The blitz of associated fake news is unlikely to change between now and November.  Alas, we are now reminded of George Orwell’s memory hole where “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, and the lie became the truth.”

No wonder we can’t breathe anymore. A long hot summer is yet to come.


G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security


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