The Squad: A New Culture In Town

by Nonie Darwish

A new political culture has arrived in Washington with the election of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. Ilhan Omar sounded exactly like Muslim leaders who historically threatened Israel by declaring they will be Israel’s nightmare, but in the case of Omar, she was referring the President of the United States. In perfect harmony with Arab culture of threats to Israel, Ilhan Omar declared she will be Trump’s nightmare.

These four members of congress burst into the political scene to revive the dismantled Obama dreams to fundamentally transform America from a capitalist Constitutional Republic Superpower to just another (nothing special) ‘Socialist Democrat State’.

They call themselves the squad and unabashedly embrace Socialism, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and flaunt an especially radical kind of Islam that is pro-Hamas and that has been abandoned today by several moderate Muslim countries.

The squad has become the symbol of the merger of socialism/communism (Red) and Islam (Green) in American politics. Recently, Omar and Tlaib have added one more layer of outrage in support of the anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. These women carry themselves with an attitude of ‘you owe me’. They unapologetically blame and insult America and President Trump every chance they get. When Tlaib was asked about the M—-r F—-r public insult of the President she refused to apologize and said that is how she and her constituency speak; an interesting addition to the political dialogue in America.

Sadly, these women represent a good portion of the new generation of Americans who were brought up with distorted history of America, misguided values and indoctrination by leftist educational institutions. They are encouraged into viewing themselves as victim “women of color” which in the mind of Leftists entitles them to a special status to not be questioned and to expectations and power over others. In other words, being women of color means ‘we are above criticism and entitled to insult you and if you object then you are a racist.’

Such openly rebellious behavior by politicians against the political system of a country could only be tolerated in the Liberal culture of Western politics of today but would never be tolerated in socialist or Islamic countries, which is the national origin of some of the members of the squad.

Unlike free societies, oppressive socialist and Islamic cultures breed an atmosphere of fear and distrust where citizens get ahead by stepping on each other, through deception and playing the victim. That has penetrated the American political system where calling oneself “a person of color” could bring with it a lot of power.

Is it any wonder that some white Americans today try to get ahead by pretending they are minorities! Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed she was Indian, Rachel Dolezal pretended to be black and while Robert O’Rourke calls himself officially Beto to give the impression he is Latin. I personally knew a Muslim woman who never wore a hijab in Egypt but started wearing it in America. When I asked her why, she said: “The ethnic look is power in America.”

Those two seemingly unrelated ideologies, socialism and Islam, have proven their similarities throughout history and have produced totalitarian societies that share many similarities in how the individual view the state and work in a twisted way around the system to achieve power.

The most prominent Islamic jurist and philosopher of the twentieth century, Sheikh Abul A’la Maududi, unabashedly linked Islam to communism and fascism and added that Islam is not just a religion but, like communism, seeks to control every aspect of life and activity of the individual.

Both Socialism/Communism and Islam/Sharia are also similar in their rebellion and rejection of Biblical Values. There is a reason why both socialists and Muslims are anti-Semitic, anti Christian and anti good old American Biblical values. In a nutshell Biblical values are the number one obstacle in achieving their Socialist/Islamic utopia. And that is why socialist Ocasio-Cortez and Muslim Omar and Tlaib are joint in the hip in being anti-Semites and critical of the traditional Biblical values.

Societies that adopt Biblical values are the mirror opposite and in stark contrast to societies with socialist and/or Islamic values and that is why the God of the Bible is a threat to such totalitarian systems.

The Bible teaches its followers that they are not at war with ‘flesh and blood’ but with the Devil, in other words they are not at war with humans whether these humans are from another class, religion, national origin or race. Societies based on such a Biblical principle are blessed with diminishing the human urge to view fellow citizens as their enemy. On the other hand, Allah in Islam has declared war literally against ‘flesh and blood’ humans. The Koran is full of cursing of the human enemies of Allah, the ‘Kafir’ and Allah will punish and reward Muslims on the basis of how much they hate and their will to convert or kill them. On that basis the existence of the ‘evil other’ is essential in the totality of Islamic values. That is one of the reasons why Islamic societies are full of strife, blame and victimhood mentality.

That is why Islamic and socialist cultures, lacking in Biblical values, are cultures of envy, distrust and blame. In such a culture citizens learn the art of deception, anger, blaming others while claiming victimhood to empower themselves. That is the culture where I, the writer of this article, Rep. Omar and Tlaib have come from, but it took me a lifetime to fully remove this culture from my soul.

In a nutshell, America was founded by and for individuals who view themselves as not in a war with other citizens and that their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was given to them from their creator (the Biblical God) and not placed in the hands of the state or other humans. America was built on self-reliance, and creation of wealth through hard work and innovation and was never built on values of ‘us against them’ or achieving wealth through seizing it from others.

Even at the international level, Islamic and Socialist countries lead the world in their constant grievance industry, blame of others, and demands for special treatment sacrifices from others to make amends. While demanding all of that they often insult, smear and fabricate stories against their opponent and are easily offended if they are criticized or their abuse is challenged, That pretty much summarizes the behavior of the squad in Congress.

Such strategy of blaming the outside world with fake victimhood status have worked wonders for over seventy years for Palestinian leadership who keep holding the world hostage while robbing their oppressed citizens before the whole world to see.

Dysfunctional Socialist and Islamist societies sacrifice individual rights for the sake of collective ‘good’. Under Islam, the Caliphate and Allah are one and must rule by Sharia. Sharia states that a Muslim Head of State (Khalifa) is immune from prosecution for crimes even as serious as murder and other sins prohibited by Islam and “must be obeyed even if he is unjust,” that of course as long as he rules by Sharia. In Islamic and socialist systems the head of State has no choice but to replace God and citizens have no choice but to live under his mercy.

The squad women in Congress have intensified the liberal assault on the American system and brought a new low to the political debate. They are, not just enabled, but also accepted, defended, pampered and covered up for by the Liberal political and social establishment. Their attitude is hostile and tyrannical and is cemented by a culture of victimhood and grievances for the purpose of achieving power through bends the rules for some and invents crimes for others. They are indeed the “Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse”

First published in the Geller Report.

Nonie Darwish is the author of Wholly Different; Why I chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values.


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  1. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse in attitude, word, greed, and deed, the Quad Squad of misanthropy, misogyny, philotyranny,and ancient ignorance, These Enemies of civilization steeped in bile, we Humanes must deal with them until Something worse comes along,

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