The Tide is Out

by Carl Nelson 

Thomas Sowell has been forced to state, (repeatedly): “There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.” And the current trade-offs to the Biden Administrations catastrophic solutions have been a splendor of truths exposed. The less we seem able to counter them, the more flagrant and exposed their ‘truths’ become. For example, in calmer previous times I had great difficulty finding material to counter the overwhelming Progressive narrative. However, in today’s tumult, voices are whispering from the cracks everywhere. As the integrity of the professions begins to crack, so too does the censorship with which professions naturally gird themselves. Journalism having failed us, the actual news makers (the people who do things) have begun to speak out themselves in podcasts and substacks. In short, a plethora of revelations abound – right from the horse’s mouth (and, of course, in some cases from some asses’ rear ends). No longer is the truth lost in translation. From the point of view of a mind simply wanting to understand, this is the most flush of eras. The Emperor, feeling omnipotent, has lately been seen parading about nude. And of all the information available out there, here are some of the major finds I’ve scooped up and shaped up into my own prize confections:

The first is from an observation made by Brett Weinstein early in his interview by Tucker Carlson regarding the illegal immigration through the Darien gap in Panama. It had occurred to him, while following current events, that a nation such as China needn’t declare war to defeat us. That, in fact, outright war is quite destructive and expensive. It is much simpler to simply buy control of us through corruption of our institutions. And this has been suspiciously the case, he indicates, as currently near all of our American institutions – academia, health, governmental departments across the board and the judiciary – have been turned as weapons against the citizen, with seemingly little corrective recourse. Given fraudulent elections, a politicized judiciary and corrupt politicians, the correctives have been nearly neutralized.

The second truth which has come to mind is that the end result of widespread corruption is fascism. They follow like A to B, since corruption is what fascism is. Fascism comes from the image of a bundle entity, each member joined in union to serve the State. Corruption is a matter of, “you play the game, or you don’t play at all.”  In practice, they are identical designs and join like cogs of a wheel. With both, power is the only appeal to justice.

The third truth is that onerous regulations, vague and ambiguous laws, and a plethora of both are breeding grounds for corruption. The rules and regulations enforced by government should be few, clear, and eminently reasonable. Wherever there is government, there are individuals empowered to dispense valuable favors. The less favors there are to dispense; the less corruption possible; the clearer and less ambiguous the laws and enforcement, the less room for chicanery, and less undergrowth within which for corruption to slither. There is a reason forts are enclosed within a widely cleared perimeter. So it is for good government. Hostiles will perpetually try to penetrate its perimeters.

And a fourth truth sprouts from these three former: that is, you needn’t look any further than the TV streaming options to realize how much, and how deeply, the normal citizen despises and feels bullied by organizations and especially their government – unless, of course, they are a part of these malefactors. Action heroes are fighting off criminal, terrorist, and corrupt organizations all across the media viewing spectrum.

Given all of this, in light of the situation the lone citizen finds himself currently, what’s to be done?

The gut response is violence.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 – and destroyed one third of the structure itself. McVeigh saw it as a justified revenge for the Government’s actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and as an attack against a tyrannical government. He hated bullies and stated his belief that the United States Government was the ultimate bully.

At the time of the attack, the Murrah Federal Building housed approximately 550 employees. And from photos, appears to have covered half of a city block.

Ultimately, the General Services Administration broke ground on a replacement building in 2001 which was completed in 2003, constructed on a two-city-block site, one block north and west. I could not get information on the number of occupants in the new buildings – but judging from the footprint, there would be quite a few more of them nowadays than then.

“The new building’s design maximized sustainable design and workplace productivity initiatives. Security design was paramount to the Federal employees and its neighbors. Secure design was achieved based on the GSA’s current standards for secure facilities including blast resistant glazing. Structural design resists progressive collapse. Building mass, glazing inside the courtyard, and bollards help to maintain a sense of openness and security. The art in architecture component of the building incorporates a water feature that acts as an additional security barrier.” – Wikipedia)

(This represents a clear foreboding of Biden’s to “Build Back Better”, for sure.)

If Timothy McVeigh hoped to decrease the size of government by blowing it up – his actions have had quite the opposite effect.

Likewise, our fictional heroes are having not much greater success than Timothy McViegh. They are forced to hide among the crowd, or in a survivalist arrangement far off the grid e.g. Jason Borne. Snipers abound. Strike and disappear – that’s the achieved wisdom, so far. Be a very gifted person who can deploy a very rare set of skills. All of which is all not very practical, and very unsuccessful. Violent opposition to the State is largely a fantasy and a pipe dream. Even in fantasy land the very unique carry several passports, and often die valiantly.

What’s to be done?

My answer came from a seemingly odd source: “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind: Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower” by Marzinsky & Swiney. These psychiatric worker/authors maintained they were able to achieve rare success in treating paranoid schizophrenics by treating the debilitating voices as if they were evil spirits rather than disturbances of brain chemistry. They give reasons for this, but the gold was in the treatment they described. The treatment they recommended was not to engage with these spirits, but instead to distance them by simply telling them to leave and reciting the 23rd psalm. Their successes, they maintained, came from not feeding the demons. The victim’s pain was the demons’ food. Denied food, their demons eventually gave up, diminished, or left altogether.

A like occurrence is told in the Bible of when Jesus spent his 40 days and nights being tempted by Satan. Jesus likewise didn’t allow the Devil to provoke Him. “Away from me Satan!” He proclaimed. Satan gave up; Jesus prevailed.

Likewise, Jesus, when treating a man possessed by devils, drove the demons from the man and into a herd of pigs on the hillside, who then rushed down a step bank into the sea and were drowned.

Magnificent things can happen near immediately, when we refuse to feed Evil. It is rather miraculous.

I’m reminded of the response of the Harvard signers to the pro-Hamas petition, when prominent firms announced they would no longer hire anyone who was on that petition. The signatures were vacated asap.

In Europe, farmers’ strikes seem also to be having a laudatory effect. They are literally threatening “no food” – and the European Union is backing down on its ‘Green’ Initiatives.

If we consider, keeping the storm troopers from battering down your door at 3 AM, all that really needs done is to not pay them. The same goes for all of these members of the Deep State. No functionary performs without pay. They will literally vacate within a few fortnights.

“Think about targeting now going in reverse, where WE THE PEOPLE now target the non-compliant system operators and/or politicians. A Senator or Congress person aligns against Trump’s interests, our interests, and instead of gnashing our teeth, we immediately begin a targeted work stoppage in/around the representative’s district. In this scenario we don’t need tens of millions to make an impact, only a few thousand can completely change the dynamic.” – writes the author of the site, “The Last Refuge”

There seems an earlier Biblical parallel of our situation, which comes to mind.

When God threw Satan down out of Heaven, why didn’t God just destroy Satan? Why was he kept around to perform his mischief among God’s flock?

I would conjecture that there is some part of the human nature that is Satan’s – an Original Sin – and that God could not eliminate Satan without also eliminating His creation.

Likewise, I have noticed that no matter how much we disparage the arguments of socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism, etc.. they nevertheless keep reappearing. They sprout in the universities, in the judiciary. And, in fact, they seem to spawn on argument. I would guess this is because they are a part of the human make-up, but that like our demon stomachs – they shouldn’t be fed too much. To keep them in line, we must keep ourselves in line. That is, adhere to a strict diet.

No deficit financing; no fiat currency.

If we live within our means, our means will suit us.


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  1. A first-rate, thought-provoking piece, and beautifully written. Unfortunately, the establishment — media, academic, governmental — already figured this very remedy, and learned to screen off the voices of “we the people” so we don’t buzz in their ear. The battles being waged are internecine — the establishment against the establishment; an individual about whom “democracy” is presumably all about, is not heard at all by the real players. Hopefully, internet started changing this — but the playing field is still very much tilted in establishment’s favor…

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