There is no reason for Sessions to resign

by Gary Fouse

As I watch Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer crying that Jeff Sessions should resign as attorney general over his testimony before Congress, I ask myself, “Where were these two when Eric Holder was committing perjury multiple times before Congress during  the Operation Fast and Furious inquiry? Where were they when Hillary Clinton was lying before Congress about her role in Benghazi and her emails? Be that as it may, no responsible prosecutor would try to charge Sessions for perjury based on the information as we now know it.

It all started when comedian Al Franken clumsily asked Session about a CNN report that was just breaking-a report even he admitted he didn’t have a firm grasp of. But his question was “….. if there is evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump  campaign  communicated with the Russian government  during the course of this campaign, what would you (Sessions) do?” Both the question and Sessions’ answer are in the above video link.

Let’s remember that Sessions was a US senator sitting on the Senate Armed Service Committee. It was in that capacity that he met twice with the Russian ambassador. The first occasion was at an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation in which Sessions spoke. It was a casual encounter in a public setting. The other occasion was when the ambassador requested a meeting in Senator Sessions’ office, which he granted. According to Sessions, the talk centered around Ukraine and terrorism not the Trump campaign. It was in that context that Sessions was apparently answering the question.

But the hysterical Democrats say that Sessions should have mentioned these two meetings which were in the course of his senatorial duties. Perhaps he should have for absolute clarity, but unless some bombshell breaks in the coming days or weeks to contradict what Sessions said at his Thursday press conference, no prosecutor (with the possible exception of James Garrison of JFK fame) would try to charge him with perjury. Yes, he was supporting Trump for president. He had endorsed Trump, but it is a stretch to think that he was a campaign operative say, like Kellyann Conway. There is just too much ambiguity.

As it is, Sessions has properly recused  himself from any future investigation in the Russian campaign matter. This is what former attorney general, Loretta Lynch should have done in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after she met with Bill Clinton on a  tarmac at Phoenix airport. At this point, it has not even been shown that any member of the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians in their attempt to influence the election.

Speaking of the busy life of the Russian ambassador, it appears Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) also met with the ambassador (as have numerous senators), but she publicly stated that she had never met the man. Her tweets indicate otherwise. Perhaps, she should resign. Her own statement appears unequivocal.

As stated, unless something new emerges, this is just a lot of Democrat hysteria. A charge of perjury requires clear and unambiguous evidence that the person in question lied with clear intent to deceive. 

One last fun fact: The report Franken was quoting was the same report that had the absurd sexual allegations about Trump in Moscow, which I won’t bother to go into. Do the Democrats really want to build their case around all that?



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