This Should Be Feminists’ Worst Nightmare

Women’s entire identity is now being erased.

by Armando Simón

Seriously, where are the feminists? 

Feminists claim to be pro-women and have gone to great lengths to prove it. Oftentimes, they have been insufferably obnoxious and paranoid to both men and women, demanding conformity and shrieking over microaggressions, real and imagined, while weaving elaborate fantasies.

But, now, where are they?

One would have thought that the issue of in-your-face transgenderism would have made feminists turn out to the streets to agitate against the female impersonators.

The Disasters of Transgenderism

Take, for instance, women’s sports. Men who were mediocre athletes when competing against other men have declared that they are women and have won in the women’s division of their sport, including in mixed martial arts, weightliftingtrackgolfcyclingskateboarding, and swimming. In doing so, they have effectively stolen the fame, honor, money, and scholarships that should have rightfully gone to deserving women. And also, by setting new records in those fields, they have erased the achievements of past women (which has led some wags to declare that whatever a woman can do, a man can do better).

And the competing women are expected to smile and approve the travesty.

Or else. Consider these examples: (1) A Vermont school was banned from future sporting events for objecting to the presence of men on the opposing team, (2) Riley Gaines was physically attacked by transgender activists, (3) weightlifters complained about a man competing against them and were told to shut up, (4) when an athlete’s mother objected to a transgender-identifying individual, her daughter experienced retaliation, (5) when asked about parents’ concerns about their daughters competing against men, the White House press secretary seemed to threaten: “That is a dangerous thing to say,” (6) a student at the University of Cincinnati wrote a paper on her experience with transgender participants being given an unfair advantage in her track and field competitions; she was given a zero by the professor, and (7) the Mayo Clinic suppressed a doctor’s free speech when administrators ordered him not to speak on the advantages of men in women’s sports (and on his views on COVID).

Although initially women did not object and went along with the charade, the passivity slowly ended as more and more women (and men) have publicly objected to the unfairness and the absurdity of it all. Recently, some women have decided that they’re not going to take it anymore. Some female athletes have realized they if they boycott an event in which men participate, they will triumph. This is something I called for four years ago in an article headlined, “The Only Way to Win is Not to Play.”

Worse is the fact that men participating in women’s sports have on occasion badly injured women (in hockeyvolleyballMMA, and rugby).

And on top of everything, women have been told they have to submit to the indignity of a man in their changing room.

So, where are the feminists?

The Insanity Is Spreading

Supporters of transgenderism not only make a mockery of women’s sports; they also make a mockery of science, claiming that, according to “science,” men do not possess a fair advantage when it comes to sports. In other words, if only everyone agrees to go along and pretend that there are no physiological differences between men and women, everything will be fine. Others disagree. And actual science proves otherwise.

This ideological idiocy has spread overseas. A hulking Italian track runner has been repeatedly defeating women. When one of the women objected, the man replied that such objections were — wait for it — Nazism. He claimed that it was a throwback to when Jews were not allowed to compete. And that the woman was Hitler.


Nor is the travesty confined to sports. A nude spa for women has been ordered by a federal judge to admit a repulsive man who says he is a woman. We have also seen men chosen as the winners of beauty pageants, a man crowned the Woman of the Year, another man nominated for the NCAA‘s Woman of the Year award, another nominated for a supporting actress Emmy, and another hired as a model for Victoria’s Secret. In addition, the brands AnthropologieHoney BirdetteAdidas, and Nike have hired men to model women’s clothing.

As an Irish teenage girl so eloquently stated, “I am not a dress.” That is, a woman cannot be reduced to her manner of dressing.

Where are the feminists?

But if the above was not enough, women’s entire identity is now being erased. Toward this end, John Hopkins University refused to use the word “women” and instead referred to women as “non-men” and lesbians as “non-men attracted to non-men.”

And let us be brutally honest. All of the supporters of transgenderism are strictly from one side of the political spectrum. According to the White House and numerous other Democrats, a mother should now be called “a birthing person.” Another Democrat refers to herself as a “menstruating person.” And CNN replaces “woman” with “individuals with a cervix” while the New York Times prefers the term “menstruators.”

Remember when feminists fulminated against men seeing women only as their bodies?

Some Democrats prefer to not give a definition of a woman at all — or are unable to do so.

Regardless, it’s official! Cambridge Dictionary defines a woman as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” Also in the U.K., the NHS refers to women as “chest feeders.” Not to be outdone by the Brits, the National Institutes of Health uses the term “people who want to provide milk.”

So the question I keep asking is, of course, where are the feminists?

Perhaps the only way to get the ferocious feminists involved again is labeling the transgender movement as “the patriarchy.”

It might just work.

First published in the American Spectator.

Armando Simón is a retired psychologist and the author of The Book of Many Books.


2 Responses

  1. That any of that lunacy is taken seriously at all would be proof our civilization is hopeless and its complete destruction followed by many vertical miles of salting is devoutly to be wished.

  2. There are feminists in the UK speaking up.
    My cynical reaction was, Ah, they are still alive. They will speak on a matter that directly affects them!
    Because with only a few exceptions (which was Julie Bindle) the feminists with any sort of public profile were silent as the grave on the matter of the rape and prostitution gangs (grooming) that prey on working class (mostly white) girls in our industrial towns and cities.

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