Tiny Minority of Extremists Continues to Multiply in Australia: Two ‘Security Risks’ A Day ‘Offloaded’ from Planes

As reported by Simon Benson for Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ on 28 February.


“Two Australians A Day Are Being Hauled Off Flights For Security Risks.”

“Australians” … More properly, “Australian-passport-holding Muslims”. I’m pretty damn sure that none of them are Christians, Jews, HIndus, Sikhs, Buddhists or atheists. – CM

‘The number of Australians (that is: of Aussie-passport-holding Muslims – CM) being hauled off planes by counter-terrorism units on national security grounds has risen to an average of almost two a day, it has been revealed.

‘And in a trend that is concerning security and intelligence agencies, the number of those among them suspected of trying to reach the Middle East and join terrorist groups is also on the rise.

Hm. This sentence logically implies that some or even most of those removed from planes because of being regarded as dangerous were removed because of fears for homeland security. – CM

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal that since the counter-terrorism units (CTUs) were deployed to major airports in August 2014, there had been 652 “offloads” in total.

Ah. Hm.  And, for purposes of comparison, do we have any information on numbers of arrests/ removals of suspected potential jihadis from domestic flights or from about-to-leave international flights before August 2014? – CM

But almost half of these – 316 – had occurred in the seven months from July 2015 to February 10 this year, indicating that the rate of interdictions to remove people from flights had risen by around 60 percent.

‘Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that there had been a significant rise in the number of people being offloaded from planes by the CTUs attached to Australian Border Force and the Australian Federal Police.

‘While not all the interdictions were for suspicious travel plans, the Minister said that rather than the numbers falling, there was a concerning (sic: a better word would have been ‘worrying’ or ‘frightening’ – CM) escalation in the numbers of young Australians (sic: ‘young Australian-passport-holding Muslims’ – CM) suspected of trying to leave to join terrorist armies in Iraq and Syria.

Congratulations, Mr Benson, on a fine piece of weaselwording.  We are now six long sentences into the story and you have managed to avoid using either the I-word or the M-word even once. – CM

The likelihood of a short life appears not to have deterred them.

Of course not! They are going to fight in allah’s cause, to slay and be slain, just like the Quran decrees. The males among them – most of them are males – are after those doe-eyed houris; the females, well, they’re hoping to stay out of Hell, which is where Mohammed said most women qua women were headed. – CM

‘A third of all Australian (sic: “Australian-passport-holding” – CM) jihadists (well done, Mr Benson, you finally managed to use a term specifically related to the Religion of Blood and War that is motivating all these eager recruits for Islamic State, etc. – CM) to have recently joined terrorist groups overseas have now been killed either in air strikes or combat with local forces, with the government confirming the total now to be 51.

That is 51 dangerous mohammedans who have ceased to be dangerous; whose names ASIO and the AFP and our ADF and the civilian police, all of them going crazy trying to track the ever-multiplying plots and plotters, can scratch off the ever-lengthening list of People To Worry About.  51 candidates for the Darwin Awards, 2016. – CM

“A considerable number of people of national security concern have been intercepted by our Counter Terrorism Units at the borders”, Mr Dutton said.

Intercepted. What are we doing with them after that?  Preventing them from leaving … and allowing them to run loose in our midst, thus ensuring that one day, sooner or later, hapless Aussie Infidels will be killed or severely harmed by mohammedans Going Jihad. – CM

“The CTUs have also managed to stop numbers of impressionable young people leaving our country to join terrorist groups overseas.”

That news does not reassure me in the slightest, Mr Dutton. It tells me that there are a lot of dangerous high-on-allah mohammedans in our midst and that someday, sometime, and most likely sooner or later, infidel Aussies are going to be shot, car-rammed, blown up, stabbed, or otherwise harmed by those same Mohammedans who, not being able to wage Jihad in Syria or Iraq or Yemen or wherever, will set about waging Jihad right here.  (If you think they will stop wanting to wage Jihad, you are a fool.  Jihad is part of Islam and these people, whether raised in Muslim families or foolishly converting to Islam, are seeking to carry out Jihad just as instructed by the books of Islam. – CM

“While the rising number of offloads is a cause for concern at one level, it also highlights the effective and invaluable work the members of the CTUs are doing at our borders by intercepting travellers of concern.

“This government is determined to do all it can to protect the Australian community”.

If they were preventing ‘travellers of concern’ – i.e. mohammedans suspected of being about to Go Jihad – from entering the country, that line about ‘protecting the Australian community’ would be correct. But what’s happening is that these Mohammedans from within the gate, having gotten all fired up for jihad, are seeking to leave the country and take themselves off to one or the other hotspots of jihad wthin the dar al Islam; and instead of letting them go and then taking sensible steps to prevent them from ever getting back in, our stupid Authorities are pulling out all the stops to keep. them. here. With us. Where they can and will kill us, perhaps quite a lot of us, sooner or later.  This is like snake-catchers insisting on keeping the taipan or the cobra inside the house instead of putting it in a bag and taking it off to a paddock far, far away. – CM

‘Offloads” are defined as interventions to remove people from a flight on suspicion that they may pose a national security risk.

‘In some cases a person may be allowed to once again travel if and when they are deemed to no longer pose a risk.

And what are the criteria for somone no longer posing a risk?  As far as I can see, only publicly-declared apostasy from Islam renders a Mohammedan low-risk for Infidels. So long as someone insists on declaring themselves to be a Mohammedan they can and often do Go Jihad, sometimes very suddenly… and the infidels around them won’t necessarily see it coming until it is Too Late.  Our authorities are playing Muslim Roulette with the lives of their non-Muslim citizenry.  – CM

‘Attorney-General George Brandis said young Australians (for the 1000th time, they are not ‘Australians’, they are merely ‘Australian-passport-holding Muslims’… and that descriptor also applies to those who have converted to Islam out of non-Muslim backgrounds – CM) seeking to travel to Iraq and Syria would be simply used as “cannon fodder”.

I’d rather they became cannon fodder in Iraq and Syria than that they started shooting, stabbing, blowing up or poisoning Aussie Infidels right here on Australian soil. And Mr Brandis, I don’t cry if they meet a Russian, a Hezbollah, a Kurdish or an Alawite bomb or bullet… I cry only for the Christians or Yazidis whom they may harm before they meet their sticky end.  Let’s let all these wannabee Jihadis go… don’t bother trying to keep them here to be a continual and expensive menace in our midst… cancel their passports and citizenship after they go… and in their places, let’s offer asylum to bona fide vouched-for-by-Barnabas-Fund Syrian and Iraqi Christians, eh?  Yazidis, too.   – CM

‘Recruiters shamelessly mislead their young targets into believing they will taste glory in the so-called caliphate”, he said.

Earthly plunder and infidel sex-slaves, or doe-eyed houris in allah’s heavenly bordello; the same offer that has motivated mohammedan jihadi armies for 1400 years.  What Islamic State is offering is bog-standard Islam. – CM

In reality the duped recruits will be treated poorly and given inconsequential low-rank, high-risk tasks often resulting in death”.

So all that bothers you, Mr Brandis, is that these bloodthirsty allahu-akbaring Aussie-passport-holding mohammedans  are being taken in by ‘false advertising’?  So you’d be just fine with them all galloping off to join the Caliphate – and tootling back ‘home’ here for a bit of R & R – if they were in fact getting cushy high-ranking jobs, harems of sweet little Christian and Yazidi under-aged slave-girls to rape, and a nice big chunk of the booty? –  CM

‘ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis told a Senate Estimates hearing that the number of passports being cancelled was also “ticking up” every day.  

‘The number is now more than 160.

That means we Aussie infidels, especially in Sydney and Melbourne where the biggest mohammedan colonies are established, have to worry about at least 160 jihad-minded mohammedans who may hatch murderous – or mass-murderous – plots.  CM




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