Today’s Leftists Would Refuse To Look Through Galileo’s Telescope

by Armando Simón

Legend has it that, about 400 years ago, Galileo had some scholars over for company at his abode. He invited them to look through his telescope saying if they did so they would see that Jupiter had moons, contrary to what the Ancient Greeks had proclaimed. The scholars adamantly refused to do so, quoting Aristotle and Ptolemy and who knows who else at length. Galileo insisted, but they continued to refuse and never did look. They were stupidly dogmatic.

Four hundred years later, those types of human beings remain the same. We have today people who are equally dogmatic who absolutely refuse to view, listen, or read anything that contradicts their worldview, except that now not only are they stupid and dogmatic, but are also vicious and insulting (unlike Galileo’s fellow scholars).

And they are NPCs. They have a set repertoire of responses to anything or anyone that jars their beliefs.

In the case of COVID, their stand was/is that herd immunity was useless. You were a white supremacist to insist. That medications ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were not to be used to combat covid. If you did, you were a fascist.

The COVID vaccine would prevent infection.

Or the second.

Or the third.

Or the booster.

And they were all safe.

If you refused to take the vaccine you were a racist and a “Trumpist.”

Citing scientific research in favor of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or herd immunity, or, pointing to sudden deaths caused by the COVID vaccine was “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

Which had to be suppressed.

Oh, and the research was racist.

These NPCs, these stupidly dogmatic individuals, would even go so far as to physically assault persons who did not conform in wearing useless face masks or in rejecting the toxic vaccines, as well as censoring them and removing them from their place of work — even when they were doctors and nurses.

But the dogmatic stupidity is not restricted to just covid. We see the same in regards to transgenders, where the stupidly dogmatic NPCs keep repeating that a man with a penis who dresses as a woman is, indeed, a woman. Or, that a man pretending to be a woman and participating in women’s sports has no physical advantage from a biological woman because the man who claims to be a woman is, indeed, a woman.

A woman who can supposedly menstruate.

And we all must conform and agree to that stance, the premise being that if only everyone goes along and pretends that there are no physiological differences between transgenders and women, everything will be fine.

And it goes on and on.

Donald Trump is a racist, they claim — without any evidence whatsoever.

Donald Trump colluded with Russia — in spite of the numerous investigations that have repeatedly proved otherwise.

The evidence of criminal activity in Hunter Biden’s office must not be looked at.

There was no electoral fraud for the 2020 presidential election—in spite of all the evidence that there was.

Communism is a beneficial ideology that has not been properly applied yet — in spite of the millions dead from Communism and the destruction of science and art and economy and social life inside those countries that had it.

And, throughout, when the NPCs encounter you and your arguments, the inevitable response is shrieking you’re a Nazi, or a racist, or a white supremacist, or Hitler, or a misogynist, or transphobic.

And all of these stupidly dogmatic NPCs are always from the same side of the political spectrum.

The funny thing is that they are so incapable of self-awareness that they read of the Galileo episode and shake their heads that those scholars were so rigid and stupid.

Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired psychologist and author of “Orlando Stories.”

First published in Issues and Insights.


3 Responses

  1. Without necessarily objecting to the argument offered, still less the wider context, I must ask regarding this passage, an argument often made with presumed unassailable strength:

    “The COVID vaccine would prevent infection. Or the second. Or the third. Or the booster.

    And they were all safe.”

    Is this meant to imply an assumption that prior to the COVID vaccines, we were supposed to assume, and did assume, that no previous vaccine had ever failed to prevent the infection it was aimed at preventing, that no person had ever slipped through and gotten sick anyway, or that no vaccine had ever proved to have other negative consequences?

    This is not an accurate history of vaccination, still less of early vaccination for new diseases. Such an expectation sets an unreasonably high bar and suggests an approach to risk among vaccine critics that is actually akin to that among the more hysterical vaccine advocates about COVID itself.

    FTR- Now 52-year old male, diabetic, possibly other vulnerabilities. Total of 4 shots, last the 4th one 8 months ago. No side effects. Also no COVID.
    Fully prepared to believe I might never have caught COVID anyway, but I was at work throughout and routinely outside and on buses and in supermarkets and so on and anywhere else I was allowed to be, throughout. So I was living the high risk lifestyle during the pandemic. Even allowing for the hysteria, plenty of people DID get sick and somehow I never did. I have a hard time imagining my immune system was THAT potent.
    I will never now know the real forces at play, but I never caught COVID despite plenty of exposure, and also had no problems with the jabs despite getting them. I suspect I will now be forever in the dark as to the reasons.

  2. By no means am I arguing against vaccines in general. Quite the contrary. However, the Covid vaccine did not go through the usual rigorous screening, hence the numerous adverse effects, at times resulting in death. Those “vaccines” were toxic, pure and simple, and were not vaccines in the usual sense of the word in so far as it did not containe inert, neutralized covid viruses. The failure of the injections was simply ignored and hushed up by the fanatical Covidians, and our overlords, in conjunction with the media hivemind, insisted that the second batch would be effective. Or the third. Or the booster, etc.

    In regards to patient FTR, it is not surprising that he fared with no adverse effects. This is to be expected with any medication or vaccine. Because of genetics, not everyone will respond exactly the same the chemicals, which is why some people are allegic to penicillin while most are not.

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