Tommy Robinson Attacked, Hospitalised One Week After Revealing Islamists Are Out To Kill Him

It’s been clear from the beginning the UK government had tried to stop Tommy’s efforts to resist Islamization in Britain. They seemingly wanted to decapitate and thus destroy the EDL by jailing Tommy repeatedly and by doing nothing to protect him from violent attack. The same pattern is repeating with PEGIDA UK. From Breitbart London:

Tommy Robinson, an organiser behind the anti-Islamisation group PEGIDA UK, has been found unconscious after a night out with his family in his hometown of Luton. He is said to have sustained head injuries, and is now recovering in hospital.

“Tommy attacked – for those of you asking how he is, he is okay”, his personal assistant Helen Lel Gower revealed on Facebook yesterday. The attack is thought to have occurred on Saturday night.

“He was on a night out with his wife and was found unconscious”, wrote Mrs. Gower. Adding: “They have been at the hospital all night and he has had his head glued up, yet again!”

“Had an xray and CT scan as well and is [sic] suffering from concussion. He is asleep at the moment but I’m sure he will be on later today.”

When asked on the John Gaunt radio show on the 11th of February, just last week, if he thought his life was under threat and someone might try to “execute you like they executed Lee Rigby”, he replied: “That’s a matter of time… I know that’s going to happen. They’ve already tried to; they’ve already planned to.

“The Dewsbury bombers — who were caught with IEDs [improvised explosive devices] guns and bombs — were trying to track me. I had briefings with counter terrorism. They ended up trying to track my mobile phones to see where I was. That’s just a matter of time,” he said.

“You think you will be killed?” pressed Mr. Gaunt. “I know I will”, repeated Mr. Robinson. “By Islamists extremists?” he was asked. “Yeah, and the blood should be [sic] on the police and government’s hands”, he replied.

Mr. Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense League (EDL), officially launched the UK branch of the pan-European Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) movement on the 4th of January last year.

The group held their first event just outside Birmingham on the 6th of February this year. The silent walk was heavily policed but passed off completely peacefully.


2 Responses

  1. Refugees:

    Here is a case where a President Ted Cruz through a State Department appointee offers Mr. Robinson and his entire family refugee status in the United States.

    Talk about someone being in danger in his own country – my god.

  2. By rights he should be receiving a Knighthood.

    G K Chesterton would have completely understood him, and loved him, and would without hesitating have joined the EDL at the pub, either before or after their gatherings. Indeed, it is about time someone did a painting or a drawing of the first PEGIDA UK march… with the figures of Chesterton, and Alfred, and legendary Arthur, and Saint George, and Saint Michael, and of Richard Coeur de Lion, depicted among the marchers.

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