Tommy Robinson: Far right campaigner has relocated his family to Spain after safety concerns


I don’t agree with the epithet “far-right”, I’d say just not far wrong, but the rest of this report from The Scotsman is the least gloating of the mainstream news reports tonight. 

Tommy Robinson, has announced that he has relocated his family to Spain after safety concerns due to an alleged arson incident.

In an online video, Mr Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, stated: “There’s something I haven’t told everyone… I had an incident quite a few weeks ago with an arson … I do have the video of everything but it was targeting my property, well not against my property, against my wife’s property and at that point we left the country straight away.

“And I’m looking at relocating my family which is pretty hard to do and especially with Covid because I couldn’t even get a hotel. Couldn’t even find a hotel. Obviously my wife has had enough of everything. Someone gave us somewhere to stay so we left the country.”

Mr Robinson also said that he would be unable to return for the demonstration that his organisation Heart of Oak was hosting due to the new quarantine rules regarding people travelling to the UK from Spain.

In the video, Mr Robinson claimed that the arson incident happened after “all the BLM stuff” adding “I think I know who it was.”

Earlier this month Muhammad Abdul Basir was remanded on bail t to face charges of threats to Tommy. 

From the Evening Express

Muhammad Abdul Basir, 24, of Phipps Bridge Road in Mitcham, south-west London, is accused of posting videos online threatening the former EDL leader, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, causing him fear, on two occasions in September 2019.

A court heard how Basir, who lives with his parents, talked about ‘beating up and assaulting Robinson‘ before going on to describe how he would would ‘cut his neck off’ in one video titled ‘Tommy Robinson Abdul Basir 5’.

Basir denied stalking and racially aggravated harassment when he appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on Friday. He spoke during the short hearing to confirm his name, age and address, and to enter his pleas to the two charges.

The defendant’s lawyer told the court there was a police bail condition regarding video postings naming Prince William, but there are no charges regarding those.

The thugs, whether in authority or not can try to silence one man, but it is increasingly hard to silence us all. 

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