Tommy Robinson will stand as Independent MEP


From ITV News and Metro

The former leader of the English Defence League announced the move ahead of an event he’s planning to hold for his supporters tonight in Manchester.

He said his ‘working class’ supporters would send the ‘elite’ a ‘message they’ll never forget’ if he was elected on May 23.

“They’re laughing at us. All of them — Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, the European Union bureaucrats. 17.4 million of us voted for Brexit, but they don’t care about people like us. They’ve tried to silence us, and they took away our democratic rights by betraying Brexit.

“The election on 23rd May is how we fight back. Put me right inside the EU and they won’t know what hit them. They’ll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage.”

It comes after community leaders in the Wythenshawe area of Manchester say the EDL founder Tommy Robinson is not welcome there. A letter signed by the area’s MP and a number of religious leaders of different faiths states that Mr Robinson’s views have no place in their community: Maybe he isn’t welcome in their bourgeois bubble, but they are not the whole community. 

A comment to MP Mike Kane’s tweet

Replying to @MikeKaneMP @MikeStuchbery_ (a failed school teacher and professional ‘anti-fascism’ campaigner) 

You don’t decide who is and isn’t welcome. The people do. The same people your class spits on at every possible occasion.

Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, plans to hold a barbecue for supporters on Thursday evening.

Interestingly, I know people who have received Facebook bans for mentioning his name, posting a photograph, or a piece of video. Maybe his new name, as dubbed by the press, ie Mr-Robinson-whose-real-name-is-Stephen-Yaxley-Lennon, would be more acceptable?

Vote Tommy website here. 

Photograph E Weatherwax Whitehall March 2019

4 Responses

  1. I support him, but one thing I wonder: if Gerard Brittan could have him as an advisor, why couldn’t he make him the UKIP candidate for this seat, rather than him run as an independent?

  2. Infidel – Because UKIP have a rule, dating from before Gerard Batten’s time, that no former member of the BNP, the EDL (and possibly other less well-known groups) may join UKIP.
    It was from the time they were trying to convince the establishment parties that they were not ‘racist, little Englanders and fruitcakes’ as was the famous phrase. UKIP governing management have not yet been persuaded to drop this requirement, although both the leader Gerard Batten and (from what I see and hear as I go around and about) rank and file members would support dropping the ban, or at least allowing Tommy in.
    The EDL doesn’t have any membership requirements; there is no, and never was, any membership form, enrollment list, enrollment fee, enrollment card, deliberately so nobody could be accused of being a member, if it came to job discrimination. Which it did with several people I know. The hope was that nobody could be sacked for being a member of a disapproved organisation if that organisation had no membership. It didn’t work – disapproved activities was the excuse used. And because our trade unions are so anti-EDL they always supported the sacking of a worker, rather than worked for him/her.
    Tommy and some others were so high profile there is no denying their connection with the EDL and I can’t see UKIP revoking that clause of the constitution in the immediate future.

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