Tomorrow night at 9pm GMT New undercover investigation into British women supporting Isis


This is the latest undercover investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches.

Next week Channel 4 will broadcast a 12-month extensive undercover investigation into the British women who are supporting Isis – right here in the UK. The 1 x 60 film, ISIS: The British Women Supporters Unveiled, will air on Monday 23rd November at 9pm on Channel 4.

Penetrating their secret world, this programme comes face-to-face with the British women glorifying jihadis and promoting an ideology that is supportive of the Islamic State. Investigating their activities on social media and infiltrating their clandestine meetings, the undercover reporter discovers the identities of some of the leading female Islamic State sympathisers in Britain who are urging Muslims to abandon democracy and travel to Syria to join Isis.

Preaching messages of hatred and segregation, these women play a part in promoting extremism and furthering the ideological cause of the Islamic State – telling young Muslim women Britain is waging a war against them. Whilst careful not to incite acts of violence, the ideology propagated by the women is considered ‘extremely dangerous’ by legal and counter-terrorism experts.

SECRET recordings reveal the anti-semitic and pro-Isis ranting of two female Muslim community leaders at “study groups” attended by mothers and children in London. The identity of the woman, who was born in Britain, is known to The Sunday Times and the Channel 4 Dispatches programme, which filmed the two women, but she cannot be named for legal reasons.

Calling herself Umm Luqman, she is the former self-proclaimed leader of the female wing of al- Muhajiroun, a British-based terrorist group that was proscribed by the government in 2010.

Undercover investigators filmed Luqman, a 41-year-old mother of four based in London, rejecting democracy and praising the birth of Isis as a true Islamic caliphate, saying the “good days have already begun”.

She accused “filthy Jews” of “audacity and arrogance” and of encouraging the “killing of Muslim children and Muslim women”. “This is a fight against Muslims and Islam; that’s what we need to remember,” she told a meeting . . . Isis would defeat its enemies. “Don’t ever lose hope, there is the plan of Allah, that we can’t see unfolding already, very soon we will be seeing . . .They may be making all these plans in the corridors of Whitehall, in 10 Downing Street and in the White House and wherever they may be, but the same thing has happened time and time again. Do you think anyone ever defeated Allah?” 

The full identity of the other female hate preacher, who calls herself Umm Saalihah, is not known. She is certainly a big fan of Omar Bakri “my wonderful sheikh” and her fans include a lot of sixth form girl students, and rather too many teachers for my liking.  During a secret meeting of a study circle for fundamentalist Muslim women in east London, she was filmed praising Isis jihadists who “look down into the barrel of a gun and see paradise”. Saalihah told the group that the coalition airstrikes against Isis were being carried out by “cowards” unwilling “to come down and show their boots on the ground”.

The Dispatches programme suggests high levels of sympathy for Isis among some British Muslim women. 

The secret filming also shows that government pressure on mosques to ban hate preaching has driven it underground, in some cases playing out in private living rooms.

Luqman tells her listeners that the government’s counter-extremism strategy is failing and leading to more radicalisation. “If they thought it was a plan to deradicalise people, God, they got it wrong, because, if anything, more and more people are becoming what they call radicalised,” she says.“If extremism is to have a voice or actions against British values and democracy, they couldn’t have done anything worse than what they have done, because this is really changing the way Muslims feel in this country.” 

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