Tongues of freedom

‘We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake.’

by Ralph Berry

That was Wordsworth, a long time ago.  Today that tongue is being displaced, among other languages, by Albanian.  It is known that 40% of the new arrivals in Dover and Folkestone are Albanian, the beneficiaries of Albanian smuggling rings. Those Albanians who have already made it to Britain have moved up from the traditional Albanian pursuits of till robbery to people smuggling.  More, the French newspapers in which they advertise their wares have announced a summer sale.  Prices for the cross-channel voyage are cut from £5,000 to £3.500.  A bargain, I’d say.  The summer weather is blissful, all calm seas and prosperous voyaging.  Eisenhower would have signed an I.O.U. for half the national debt to be assured in June 1944 of the same weather.  (He had to take a chance on the senior British weather forecaster getting it right.  He did.)  The intrepid Albanians who make it to Dover Beach will find not the ‘darkling plain’ of Matthew Arnold’s poem but welcome at a 3-or 4-star hotel, all found, and the certainty of not being deported.  Once they are accepted as bona fide asylum seekers they will have the right to import their relatives, who greatly outnumber the original illegals.

As for the tongue that Shakespeare spake, that is now under attack from the natives.  Shakespeare is done for racism.  Worse, his plays engender a ‘conversation’–an apparently innocent word, now loaded with intent.  The latest wheeze is Ruben Espinosa’s SHAKESPEARE ON THE SHADES OF RACISM, which ‘adopts a critical approach that puts Shakespeare’s work into conversation with the contemporary social, cultural, and political events’.  The Mexican border controls soon make an appearance, as does critical race theory. Whiteness and black lives move from background to foreground.  Shakespeare has lost his innocence, never to be recovered under this regime.

The stage offers no salvation.  The Royal Shakespeare Company is now devoted to ‘diversity’ and was severely criticized by its recent AS YOU LIKE IT with an all-black cast in an Afro-Futuristic production.

The director, Erica Whyman, was ‘saddened but not surprised’ at this ‘disgraceful reaction.’  In the past, ‘the drama’s laws, the drama’s patrons give’ as Dr Johnson put it.  No longer.  The drama’s laws are set by the director class (usually female), all of whom are solid for woke.  It is their regimental discipline.  The latest RSC production is of a RICHARD III who is disabled, and the fear is of a epidemic of casting privilege that has moved from blacks, to women, to the disabled.  The future looks bleak for white male actors, unless they can fake it.

The future awaits us on September 6th, when the new Cabinet under Liz Truss will be announced.  Nobody knows anything till then.  The Left is apprehensive, knowing that the future is in the hands of elderly white men, the mainstay of the Conservative Party at large, who have now wrested power away from the Westminster Tories (a sad lot).  The Party at large is old enough to remember what England was like in 1950, before the migrant wave began to obliterate traces of the country for which they had unlimited affection.  There is still a chance for the remains of that country, and its tongue.


2 Responses

  1. So, after all the belly aching, who’s to blame for what appears as self-sought shame? Who coerced whom to accept this civilizational doom? To feel offended and dismayed for qualities not defended nor displayed, brings more shame to oneself than blame to the offender.
    Stop sniveling, gird your loins if available, enter the arena, and fight for what you believe is right.
    I say the same to my countrymen, who only now are stirring, having been stabbed in the front and back. You know, … colonists, … blood of patriots … Tree of Liberty …. finally awake to the fake, the Lies In Disguise, the coup d’etat to be headed off in 2022 and 2024.

  2. How we cater to minorities defies belief, it’s like a snowball rolling down a steep hill. Uh-Oh, snowballs are white, can’t use that analogy.

    Back in the days when I actually had to work for living (it was a long time ago and matters have gotten worse) they did an office renovation/upgrade.

    It was a government office so you can imagine the political input that went into EVERY decision, from the poisons in the building materials, to the washrooms, to the shower facility, to the layout of the break rooms.
    Naturally there had to be a separate washroom for the disabled, understandable given the delicate nature of undertakings within them, but there was an unwritten policy that these washrooms couldn’t be used by perfectly able staff.

    Nevertheless some of the female employees of the pretty type couldn’t hack the cramped space in regular washrooms and used them to primp themselves up with not one iota of concern for anyone who might be waiting outside.
    They really, really didn’t have to have any concern because there were only one or two visibly disabled persons on each floor at most, and there was a suitable washroom for them on each of the sixteen floors.
    Management looked the other way if the facility was abused by females but woe betide you if you were a male using it as a changing room… a capital offence.

    Then we had the layout of the break rooms, where they found that the microwave was too high for the two people in wheelchairs in the building. There were endless discussions , should there be two microwaves in the each room , one high and one low? Nobody thought of saying ” ask someone to help you” because that’s degrading .

    Budget restraints wouldn’t allow for two microwaves per room so guess what?

    All the microwaves were put on shelves that were eye level with the wheelchair guys, on all of the aforementioned sixteen floors, while the majority had to almost go on their knees to place and retrieve their stuff from them.

    I won’t bore you with the discussions that went into the installation of the shower but I can tell you that it could have been done at a cost of about five thousand bucks with a kit from Home Depot but it ended up costing about $25,000 because it had to accommodate every human frailty and safety feature. When it was finally put into use you could have spit more water than the shower head issued , and the hot water refused to come through.
    You couldn’t protest because if you did you were a heartless fiend who had no empathy for the unfortunates in life.
    The only way out of this downward spiral is for an individual to surface who can impose his (or more unlikely, her) will to break and change a nation, political parties are unable to do it no matter what their stripe. Personalities like this only come every 100 years or so and it’s never without violence.

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