Tribal Warfare in Charlottesville Virginia


by Nidra Poller

Politics in the United States has sunk to the lower depths. It’s tribal warfare. You can’t talk politics: everyone’s angry and full of hate. It’s impossible to debate the issues with flaming partisans. In Charlottesville VA on August 12th, warring clans marched into battle.

And the TV screen trembled with indignation! A woman was killed by a car rammer in Charlottesville VA and the president of the USA dared to condemn the violence “on both sides.” Say what? Good came to fight Evil and he can’t see the difference? Blind in both eyes, he finds excuses for the lowdown killers. The journalists, experts and guests at CNN Intl. are in heaven. Perched on the summit of an audiovisual Sinai, they throw the tablets of the new law down on the noggin of the detested president. Isn’t he the one that called out President Obama for failing to say “radical Islamic terrorism?” And now he can’t say “racist anti-Semitic white supremacist neo-Nazis”! They marched with Ku Klux Klan torches, carried crusader shields, swastika flags, and other such paraphernalia. They chanted “Jews will not replace us” [what an idea] and went in your face to remind Blacks of the good ol’ days of free-for-all lynching. Granted, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and assorted champions of noble causes-also armed with helmets, clubs, and shields-traded blows with the bad guys. But you don’t say “there was violence on both sides!” That’s a feather in the cap of sleazy whites uber alles chieftains, David Duke and Richard Spencer.

Well, for once, I agree with CNN & Cie. This is no time for wriggling. You denounce the guilty party now, and from now on, no matter what their causes or actions. And retrospectively!  Back when Barack Obama was refusing to denounce Islamic terrorism, our friends at CNN poked every which way at his questionable indulgence for the racist anti-Semitic Islamists.  

In fact, they didn’t.

How about the recent Temple Mount crisis? The whole world and its brother didn’t ask for both sides to reduce the temperature? Orders didn’t come from the UN to CNN not to mention, hmmm, the US president, telling Israeli authorities to lower their damn guard so the Muslim rioters could cool their heads? There wasn’t any shilly shallying about blaming the killers that stashed their weapons in the al Aqsa mosque? No one was deluded enough to equate the violence of the assassins with the violence of the metal detectors?

The truth is, they did.

North Korea is promising to send us their nuclear warheads as fast as an Amazon delivery, and this disgraceful president that doesn’t dare to condemn those evil white supremacists (the Whites akhbar) is threatening to rain down fire and fury on a North Korea known for its hypersensitivity to threats. For once he’s right? We’re not going to wait to be bombed to smithereens before defending ourselves?

Sorry to disappoint you. The Trump is accused of pouring oil on the fire.

At CNN Intl. they’ve discovered the golden moral compass and it leads them day and night. It’s not only CNN, but that channel is my window on a world gone bats. Who started trouble in the quiet college town of Charlottesville with its balmy southern climate? Certainly not the city council that voted to evict the statue of General Robert E. Lee from his park, and rename it Emancipation Park. This iconoclasm is trendy in the United States. The Black Lives Matter dudes and fellow progressives are on the warpath against symbols of the pro-slavery Confederates. The Civil War is over, the North won, the Union is clinched, but suddenly the memory got revived and it’s unbearable. In Durham North Carolina noble Progressives put a rope around the neck of the statue of the unknown Confederate soldier, brought it down, and stomped it to death. The scene was so “Saddam Hussein” that they forgot how anti-war Progressives accused our troops of staging the scene in liberated Baghdad.

And it’s all the rage. We can’t keep up with the series of statues crumpled and wrecked by furious mobs. Will nothing soothe the terrible pain of the descendants of slaves than the complete elimination of all historical evidence of the deplorable slaveholding ideology of those old time Southerners? Yes, replies Derreck Kayongo, CEO of the Virginia Center for Civil and Human Rights. Yes, we have to pull down those statues and tear down those Confederate flags to the last shred. Mister Kayongo, an American citizen born in Uganda, was one of the Top 10 Heroes honored by CNN in 2011. Which proves that America is still the land of opportunity.

And it goes on and it spreads in a molten orgy of morality. The spotlights are beamed on the white terrorists, placed at the top of the list of national security threats. Commentators get a thrill out of badmouthing Trump advisors Steve Bannon (kicked out soon afterward) and Sebastien Gorka, accused of coziness with the alt-Right. They guffaw over Gorka’s recent statement about how the white man is blamed for this that and everything when the real danger is Islam breathing down our necks. The neo moralists have a fit! What’s this Gorka talking about? The white supremacists are the ones that made the most casualties!

Does 9/11 ring a bell?

I agree. Questionable elements shouldn’t be hanging around the White House! That’s why you made a stink abut Huma Abedin, whose mother sits high in the Muslim Sisterhood? You put fifty and fifty together and questioned President Obama’s connivance with the Brotherhood, didn’t you? And when it came to that damned Mideast conflict, you knew how to make the moral distinctions at every turn in the road, right? You were so careful not to put the mass killer shahids on the same level as the massacred Jews?

The answer is no!

Breaking news: two or three guys set up a killing field on the terrace of the Istanbul restaurant in Ouaga.  “Terrorists,” said our friends at CNN Intl., without the Islam and without the radical. Ho hum. We’ve learned a bit more about that nasty James Alex Fields Jr, who rammed his car into counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer and injuring several others. There’s a picture of him with the Vanguard America contingent, wearing the white polo and brandishing the logo on his shield. That’s him, a 20 year-old that French media won’t ever call a “youth.” At first his mother said she never asked him about his political activities. Then it was revealed that she’d called 911 several times. She was scared of her son. He hit her, threatened her with a knife. One time he grabbed the cell phone out of her hand and banged her on the head with it, but they’re not saying he’s mentally disturbed and I agree. He’s a killer, like Kobili Traoré who beat Sarah Halimi with a telephone, a landline in this case, and punched and bashed her, breaking the bones in her face, tortured her, mutilated her, subjected her to unspeakable abuse and then threw her to her death from her third story balcony. Who cares how much shit he smoked that afternoon, he’s a killer and he belongs in jail. He’s a jihadi that shouted allahu akhbar, boasted “I killed the shietan,” recited koranic verses so terrifying that armed policemen standing right in the building didn’t dare intervene.

That Fields guy killed in the name of White supremacy and Traoré in the name of Islam akhbar. You took care, Ladies and Gentlemen, to condemn both murderers with the same force and without ambiguity? The CNN anchor that commented with a choked voice on the memorial service for Heather Heyer, killed in cold blood by James Alex Fields Jr. whose nasty face looks down on us, it’s the same anchor that wept with the family of Sarah Halimi, and swore on his heart “never again?”  

Well, no, not at all. Our media that have suddenly joined the school of the Moralist Philosophers didn’t think to place the jihadist murder of Sarah Halimi as the measure of vice.

The tragedy of Charlottesville spreads like wildfire, leaps across the ocean, sits in the front row of all our media, tells its story down to the last detail and the trumpets of universal moralization blare in all the lands. And I agree. This President Trump is not up to par. Even if there’s some truth to what he says. Here in France, we know the Antifa. We remember their antics last year when they hung out with the Nuit Debout crowd, beating up riot policemen, trapping cops in their torched patrol car, throwing firebombs at the huge plate glass windows of the Necker children’s hospital… The antifa came to Charlottesville armed for the scuffle, but this isn’t the time to split hairs. The president should just have named the Evil ones and left the subtleties for another day. I’m not going to defend him. I’m up on the holy mountain with public opinion. Give us at last our sorely needed integrity. Do what you want with the statues and other Confederate relics. I stand with the decent folk, the CNN journalists and their guests. They speak of what makes us Americans. Our values. What is lodged in a man’s heart.  His humanity…or its absence. They look like they’re touched by divine grace.

This isn’t the Soviet Union but there’s something of the Stalinist purges floating in the air: a familiar CNN anchor wonders how a single Republican Congressman can hold his tongue when it’s a question of Good and Evil. Are they crassly trying to hold onto their seats, their platforms, the voters’ fidelity? Aren’t they afraid of Judgement Day? They’re sellouts!  [Advertising break for Dubai, that will be followed in the coming hours by Doha, Turkey, Qatar Airlines, Middle East Marketplace (without Israel of course), the Kuwait Fund, and other orientalisms]. And they go on and on, their hearts pasted on their foreheads. And they invite Blacks … excuse me, African Americans, top drawer professionals, to say the worst things about the United States, established on a foundation of genocide, slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination. The wounds are wide open and now this Charlottesville incident and this genocidal, slaveholding, racist president who doesn’t have a shred of a moral conscience… he doesn’t deserve to stay in office. Pulitzer Prize journalist and bestselling author Isabel Wilkerson tells us that America has never resolved this conflict; the Civil War is left hanging, waiting to be settled. In other wars, she says, making up world history as she goes, the losers are held accountable. Is she saying that the Southerners have never paid their dues? Maybe so. We know some wars like that: 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and more and better, where the defeated aggressor demands painful concessions from a miraculously victorious Israel.

We haven’t made any progress? Civil rights, desegregation, black mayors, governors, Congressmen and even a president? High class black people march from one broadcast to the next, lower lip quivering, to tell us that nothing whatsoever has been settled, the pain never goes away, you can’t imagine how much it hurts us to see in stone and in bronze these traitors to our country, these men who went to war to keep their damned slavery, it hurts right now as if it were happening today. And I do understand, you wouldn’t believe to what extent I agree with you sista’. Get rid of those statues and don’t give another penny to the Palestinian Authority that glorifies the Islamic supremacists that kill my people. Those Fatahs-lists flirt with Hamas, make junk-peace in English and vow in Arabic to exterminate us…don’t have any more truck with them, draw a line and keep them on the far side of it. From now on we don’t confuse the racists and those who defend themselves against them.

Rabbi Martin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre comes forth to say that he would have advised President Trump to make a frank clear declaration against the racist anti-Semitic neo-Nazis. No room for white supremacists, no equivalence with the Leftists. The anchor, a CNN Intl. star, is delighted to hear these words from a rabbi that pronounced a benediction at Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. But Rabbi Hier doesn’t stop there. This misunderstanding, he says, distracts from the good things the president doing elsewhere. He’s confronting the North Korean dictator. It should have been done 15 years ago, we wouldn’t be faced with the threat of ballistic missiles today. But, he warns, those fascist marches are dangerous. The Nazis started like that, an unruly marginal group. They’re not the only ones, you know. The Iranians… the biggest revisionists. And we associate with them, we shmooze with them, we have tea with them, we give them billions. The very day when Khamenei once again denied the Holocaust, the pope received Rouhani. I would have advised the pope to tell him he won’t see him again as long as he continues with this Holocaust denial. The anchor’s face decomposes. And I send kisses to Rabbi Hier.

Once upon a time the question of Good and Evil was on the table. The detested president in those days was George W. Bush and his sin was saying that the discord with Saddam Hussein was a question of Good and Evil. Wouah! They accused Bush of making holy war against Iraq. Now CNN holds up the same guy as an example of the way a proper president should behave in time of crisis. They give us a replay of G.W. Bush’s visit to a local mosque on the 17th of September 2001, where he stands flanked by imams and declares that the terror attack that has just wiped out some 3,000 civilians has nothing to do with Islam, because Islam is a religion of peace.

Let’s admit, there might have lacked a smidgeon of discernment in that case but overall the message that radiates to the ends of the earth, this strong reaction to what might seem like presidential indulgence for a racist anti-Semitic fascist movement, is sane and healthy. The media didn’t do it before? OK, let’s not hold them to account for past mistakes. We’re in the realm of current events, the time is always ripe. Personally, I’m relieved. The lucidity that I have been pleading for over the past 17 years is finally shining. We won’t be told anymore that the women in pussyhats marching behind Linda Sarsour and her cronies in January were in the vast majority honest people defending noble values. Antizionist anti-Semitic soldier of totalitarian Islam, determined to subject us to sharia slavery, Ms. Sarsour is a traitor to our cherished values. What’s more, she’s alive and active today. She’s not a monument to the glory of a Confederation defeated more than a century ago!

And we’ll shake a finger at the General Secretary of the UN who declared “Racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or Islamophobia are … poisons for our societies.” Whaat? He can’t see the difference between the Islamists that want to kill us and our fear of that Islam? Where’s his moral compass? 

According to the latest news, David Patterson, the driver who rammed into a pizzeria in the village of Sept Sorts, killing a teenage girl and injuring 13 people, is charged with murder and attempted murder, and under lock and key. The prosecutor had detected serious psychological problems, but the psychiatrist did not find an absence de discernment that could relieve him of responsibility for his act.

We still don’t know if Kobili Traoré will be judged for his crime.

First published in Family Security Matters.


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