Trump Derangement Syndrome

by Carl Nelson

My wife and I were having a great conversation with a woman at the local retirement center tasked with helping people to find their way through the bureaucratic maze of medicare drug supplement insurance plans. She is quite bright, funny, and superbly effective. We were sharing our disdain for the bureaucracy’s arrogance, when I happened to mention something that came to mind from a book about Peter Navarro’s experiences in the Trump White House. “It seems even the President of the United States can’t make these government apparatchiks perform!” I said, noting the many cases when he was trying to initiate some executive directives. Apparently, these directives had to pass through several levels of bureaucratic authorization (e.g. past ‘legal’, ‘fiscal’, etc.)… any one of which could either derail or tie-up the process. This seemed a situation in which we were all on the same page. Instead, a cold hatred fell across her aspect like a garage door closing down… which was dispelled as soon as we moved on.


3 Responses

  1. It was cold hatred at her own inability to offer a clear counterargument. Call it a failure to offer fealty to foolishness, a result of AI, Arrogant Ignorance.

  2. I recall a tale about President Kennedy. When he took over the job, he thought that all he had to do was issue an order or directive and it would be done. He very soon realized that there were as many enemies on his own side as there were on the opposite. Many of the permanent understaff simply stall or ignore until their own man gets in.

    People tend to think that members of the cabinet are all friends with only one purpose in mind.. the good of the country.

    Nothing could be further from the truth there’s backstabbers , fifth column members, liars and cheats aplenty inside the tent pissing out.

    The thing I like about Trump is that he’s not scared to give these types the hook when they undermine his initiatives.

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