“Trump fear is all they’ve got.” Lord Conrad Black joins Sebastian Gorka

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  1. Lol. The only place that’s true is in the distorted make-believe fantasy world you’re peddling to the mediocrities dumb enough to listen to you.

    The reality is that you bums are part of a personality cult, and Trump-worship is all you’ve got.

    “In the four years since, Fox viewers had become even more accustomed to flattery and less willing to hear news that challenged their expectations. Instead of understanding his narrow win in 2016 as the upset it was, they were told forecasters were going to be wrong again. Me serving up green beans to viewers who had been spoon-fed ice cream sundaes for years came as a terrible shock to their systems.”

    1. Thank you, good sir, for providing this clarification. However, I believe the more apt title to use for Conrad in this instance is another, commonly used for men of high character such as himself who show exceptional and unswerving loyalty to their patron irrespective of any external inconveniences. This title also beings with “L”, ends with “g”, and the middle is made up of the letters “apdo”.

    2. The quibbling is corrective it’s true /
      Use in the title of given name we must rue /
      Give the well-schooled titular grammarian his due /
      “Kudos from we commoners; sincere congrats to you.” /

      Please have no compunction about correcting any of my punctuation, as my absorbed education therein, was not famous for my mindful indentation.

    3. Our friend “Koolaid” understands better than anyone the meaning of being a lapdog.
      After all, he’s just a government troll paid to generate disinformation, produce propaganda and disrupt forums where topics are broached which are not permitted to be discussed by his masters. What other kind of person would do this “work”?

    Commenter “Koolaid” above is a self-confessed paid government troll and well-known peddler of misinformation and deranged conspiracy theories on these pages. A long-time TDS sufferer he naturally gets highly agitated and starts frothing at the mouth whenever he spots the word “Trump”! Efforts continue to try and cure him.

    1. Deranged conspiracy theories? You mean like the one about how it was really a handful of FBI agents that put the thought into thousands of angry fanatics to come down to DC dressed in combat gear, and not Donald Trump and his cronies stirring them up for weeks? That silly idea is yours, not mine. 🙂

      1. Ah, so there WERE FBI agents present in the crowds on Jan 6. Well well. If only the FBI could tell us how many? Or is that asking too much in a democracy?
        As for conspiracy theories, how about the one put about that Trump hid stolen nuclear secrets in his wife’s underwear? No doubt that titillated some perverted little FBI agent’s imagination?

  3. A single headline says it all … and unfortunately it’s 100% correct!
    It’s clear the current regime has nothing to offer apart from being “not Trump”. There has been zero messaging about addressing real issues facing the American people, such as rampant crime, runaway inflation and wide-open borders which represent a real-and-present security risk to the country. All we get is violent hate-speech delivered by the cognitively deficient stage prop masquerading as president who is wheeled out at ever longer intervals. It’s nasty, hateful stuff amounting to little more than propaganda (not unlike our “Koolaid” troll above, but in his defence producing propaganda is his job). And it also betrays hints of desperation: an early warning that the people now controlling the levers of power in the US will not relinquish power peacefully.

    1. There’s something deeply amusing about the fanatical supporter of people who actually tried to stop a transfer of power with violence claiming and expressing alarm at the possibility of violence. Not one teeny little bit of hypocrisy there.

      “Violent hate-speech” out of Joe Biden, that’s another big laugh. You’re absolutely right, it’s Biden who routinely sounds nasty. And the guy you worship constantly berating and threatening his opponents in ALL CAPS is the calm voice of wisdom.

      Koolaid warning is flipping right hahaha.

      1. Well, well, isn’t the current occupant of the “Koolaid” desk well trained! Key rule: never engage with the real issue raised by an adversary; and always accuse your opponents of what you’re doing yourself. Then utilize the good old 4 ‘D’ principles (of erstwhile Soviet disinformation by the way): “Dismiss”, “Distort”, “Distract” and “Dismay”.
        So … zero acknowledgement of the real issues mentioned above; the person commenting is a “fanatical supporter ..” & “worships” the common ‘enemy’ (Trump of course); then introduce a rant about Jan 6 which was not even mentioned 🙂 ; and wrap the whole mishmash in a sanctimonious pontification about democratic ideals.

        It’s too much to expect reasoned, intelligent debate from hired propagandists. But the point made above was that one would have thought that the operatives of the “Joe Biden” freak show, obsessed as they are with remaining in power, would be more in touch with reality. Instead, the sole raison d’etre of the current edition of the Democratic party is to present themselves persistently and exclusively as a counter to the evil “Trump”. It’s not working. Ordinary citizens, grappling with spiralling costs of living & seeing their cities overrun by illegal immigrants and ravaged by unchecked crime are not interested in paranoid, “fear porn” politics. The DP seems to have forgotten entirely that the purpose of viable political parties is to have practical policies which address real issues. The point was borne out by the most recent appearance of “Joe Biden”; it was a rant in surroundings which would not have disgraced a Nuremberg rally. The good news is that his approval numbers are in the toilet. At least Americans today are smarter than Germans were in the thirties!

  4. Perhaps DDOK serves us all, his countrymen, by invigorating a better, more organized, deeper rationale for our beliefs. For example VDH’s recent article here at NER serves that objective exquisitely. When has anyone lain a glove on him for his reality-based civilized presentations of crucial fact?
    Does VDH contradict Lord Black on any crucial facts or interpretations? If contrasting interpretations occur, those are to our nonrobotic benefit.
    Thank you DDOK for being an honest, but not necessarily right, goading paean in our opinions.

    1. The reality is that DDOK (the “Koolaid” entity) is nothing more than a paid government troll (self-confessed by the way). So if you’re a US taxpayer you’re effectively paying him to pollute these pages with his droppings.

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