Trump is Doomed But Not Because He Is Guilty

by Armando Simón

“They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you. I’m just standing in their way. And I always will stand in their way.”
—Donald Trump

            In several venues, I have occasionally stopped long enough from describing, analyzing and warning of the totalitarian danger about to overwhelm America to lambast conservatives for their seemingly bottomless stupidity in dealing with this totalitarian danger (libertarians have an apt saying: “Liberals are evil and conservatives are stupid”). The analogy I often use comes from the famous film, Alien. It may be remembered that the crew of a spaceship accidentally brings aboard a deadly organism which becomes increasingly bigger and deadlier. All efforts at neutralizing it have failed. The remaining crew members ask the dismembered android how to stop the creature and its response, in a surprised tone, is, “You still don’t know what you’re dealing with, do you?”

We see this today on a daily basis.

Take, for instance, the “reparations” mantra. It has been laughed at because of its obvious idiocy. People who do not own slaves are supposed to give away their money to people who are not slaves. No one can figure out whose descendants owned and did not own slaves; for one thing, Africans owned slaves and the first American to own slave was a black man. Nor was he the only one. Plus, California never had slaves. Plus, the amount proposed in California alone is absurdly high and the money is not there.

But . . . has that rationality put a stop to the reparations mantra?

No. It is going ahead, full throttle. And in many other places.

Or take the transgender freaks going into sports. It is obvious, and it has become evident, that men who were mediocre at their sports will, and have, excelled in the same sport where women participate, and in doing so, the men masquerading as women walk away with awards, money, prizes, scholarship, praise and fame that should rightfully go to women. I, and many others, wrote about this absurdity since four years ago.

Has it stopped?


Or, take the equally absurd notion put forth by liberals, that men can get pregnant. And can have menstrual periods. Such an elementary absurdity would in normal times not be even whispered. And yet, it continues.

Or, lastly, liberal perverts inviting drag queens to gyrate their crotch in front of children, whether it is in libraries, in schools, or in other areas. Again, it is elementary obvious that this is an indecency by degenerates which children should not be subjected to. This objection has been voiced for the past year and a half.

Has it stopped?


Will it stop?

No (that is, not if no physical force will be used, which taking account conservatives’ prissy outlook is out of the question).

The point here is that fanatics will relentlessly persist in their ideology and their goals, no matter how demonstrably false or immoral they are, no matter what logic one employs, no matter what facts are presented. They are relentless. That is the essential nature of fanatics.

The only way to stop them is to destroy them.

Which brings me to Trump’s indictment. The liberals’ rabid hatred for this man is off the scale and has been so for the past seven years to the point that the term Trump Derangement Syndrome has been bandied about. A number of individuals have pointed out that the legal basis for the indictment is laughable, that it is weak, the absurdity of elevating the charge to a felony, that it will go nowhere, while others have said that it will be counterproductive and will simply energize his presidential campaign.

They have all missed the point.

It is not about legality, or “the rule of law” in a city that does not enforce the law.

It is that they want to destroy the man, they want to kill him. They practically foam at the mouth at the idea. It’s a monomania. Today’s Communists hate Trump with the same intensity that Stalinists hated Trotsky.

Have those writers forgotten how the Democrats falsified facts in Trump’s impeachment hearing? Have they forgotten the fact that prosecutors will, as in the past, falsify evidence and withhold exculpatory? Haven’t they seen the January 6 political prisoners’ farcical legal proceedings?

The predecessors to today’s Communists had show trials in the Soviet Union where the original architects of the Bolshevik revolution were seriously portrayed as working for the West in attempts at destroying the Revolution, and of having sabotaged industries, and other charges so bizarre that only psychotic fanatics could believe in. And did.

Bragg and his repulsive fanatical minions have chosen a judge who has TDS, and will carefully select the jury pool, just like they did with the grand jury, all of which would inflict the death penalty if it was at all possible, accompanied to the echoing resounding praise of the leftist media hivemind—which has already started.

He will be found “guilty.”

And what will conservatives do?

What they always do.



Conservatives will shake their heads in disgust, scratch their rear ends, make angry comments in conservative websites, and then strut around, uttering their own mantra, “They’ll take my guns away from my cold, dead, hands.”

Which they will.


First published in Atlantico Quotidiano, April 14, 2023.

Armando Simón is originally from Cuba, a retired forensic psychologist and author of Wichita Women and A Prison Mosaic.


5 Responses

  1. Good post. My own belief is that they are like parasites and difficult to attack directly without damaging the host. Our best tactic I believe is defunding. Starve them out.

  2. The corrective colonic has begun with parents of students and college instructors organizing to oppose the unsane.
    The vulture culture in fact is starting to feed on its former loyalists as irrationality becomes unbearable by our society’s need for reality.
    All will be well; the toilet bowls are being flushed.
    Join your local PTA group. If you aren’t reviewing school books for accuracy and age appropriateness, who is? Kick butt. Eject the Sophists and their sophisticated smut. Rebuf and rebut the dungkopfs.

  3. Recommendations??

    We’ve got jobs, families, mortgages. Short of impacting as best we can on day to day activities, community involvement like church, chamber of commerce, whatever group we join, absent my billion dollar trust fund to counter Soros, what’s the next step?

  4. This article reinforces my prediction that Trump will not run in 2024 because he will either be in prison or dead.
    However, I have changed my views on the possibility of a hot civil war. I now think this is not likely at all. The covid fiasco has sadly demonstrated that Americans are no more likely to “kick against the pricks” than any other people. With very rare exceptions, they readily followed the orders to get vaccinated, wear masks, lockdown, close businesses, schools, and their places of worship. With embarrassingly small opposition, Americans permitted the ruination of their economy, the crippling of their children’s education, and the violation of their most fundamental Constitutional rights and liberties. There will be no civil war. America will die not with a bang but a whimper.

  5. States keep passing huge school choice laws giving money directly to parents
    Charter schools keep growing
    Home Schooling keeps growing.
    There are limits to the Communist Teachers Unions and their Communist bosses – Democrats.

    Watch Illinois, California, New Jersey, New York etc. continue to see the Right and Independent middle class flee. All polls say Democrats are happy in Blue States. Republicans and Independents are 4 times as likely to move for political reasons. Good.
    Lastly, Blue people don’t want children or their stupid kids get sex change operations. Works for me.

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