Trump’s Muslim-ban adopted by Denmark’s largest party

Immigration from Muslim countries must be stopped for several years. We need a break, says DF’s Søren Espersen.

After the recent terror attacks in Europe, immigration from Muslim countries to Denmark should be stopped for a period of four to six years, says the Danish People’s Deputy, Søren Espersen, according to Berlingske.

To the newspaper he suggests introducing a “Muslim stop”.

– We should have a stop for refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries for a period.

– It is from there the vast majority of terrorism in the West has its roots, and until we have an overview of the scope of this, and what our future efforts should be, we need a break, says Søren Espersen in an interview with Berlingske.

Søren Espersen refutes that Muslims in general are a problem. But he believes that the control of newly arrived migrants and refugees has been “hair-raisingly” careless.

– I do not think there is any doubt that among the refugees we got last summer and fall, there were many who came under the guise of being refugees, but who in reality were sent by the Islamic State, he says.

The Socialist Democrats’ spokesperson, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, however, believes that Søren Espersen has become “a bit too inspired by Donald Trump.”


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