Turtles All the Way Down / Vaccine Science and Myth

a review by Carl Nelson

“Turtles All the Way Down / Vaccine Science and Myth”
– edited by Zoey O’Toole and Mary Holland



At 518 pages, I just finished “Turtles All the Way Down / Vaccine Science and Myth” this past evening. And while I am still collecting my thoughts, here are some of the big takeaways, in case you are so sick of discussing vaccinations that you might not read much further:

  • As infectious disease plummeted during the late 19th through the 20th century, (near wholly due to improved sanitation and food quality) the prevalence of chronic illness has skyrocketed. Currently, “1 in 12 children are disabled due to to a chronic illness and 1 in 4 takes medicine for a chronic condition”.
  • Second takeaway, The safety of vaccines has never been scientifically assessed, using proper protocols.
  • Third takeaway, … currently “the inconvenient truth: Unvaccinated children are far healthier than their fully vaccinated counterparts.”

In other words, if you have children, grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews who you are concerned about – you need to give them the benefit of this information regarding vaccinations. 
They cannot read and act on it, so you should.

“Turtles All the Way Down/ Vaccine Science and Myth” is by authors unnamed.  This is probably the first serious non-fiction book I have read in which the authors’ identities are redacted.  Such is the climate of scientific discussion which nowadays prevails.  But its credibility is better established than most authoritative sources through the diligence of its presentation and arguments, and the source substantiation of its factual matter. It is truly the “one stop shop for understanding the science behind the vaccine debate.” (book’s blurb)

In truth, the full truth of vaccination safety and efficacy has been deliberately blurred, disingenuously slanted, and suppressed by authorities since the beginnings of widespread inoculation.  It seems Occam’s Razor applies: the Covid-19 corruption of science and the public sphere were simply an extension of the usual way of business oversight in the vaccination game, seemingly since its origins; hence, the book’s title.  The vaccination grift is a pleasant confection supported by fantasy scientific findings all of the way down.  It is shocking reading.  “…vaccine trials are designed and performed in such a way as to ensure that the true extent of adverse events is hidden from the public.  There is not a single vaccine in the US routine childhood vaccination program whose true rate of adverse events is known.”

“…the narrative of life-saving vaccines is largely fictitious.  As it turns out, vaccines played only a limited role in reducing the burden of infectious disease in modern times.”  What did accomplish the eradication communicable infectious disease were better sanitations and healthy nutrition.  Nevertheless, the myth that is pressed upon the public by health authorities is that these infectious disease epidemics were defeated by the scientific advance of vaccination.

This book takes to task several myths constantly burnished by health authorities in order that the public follow its directives.  A leading belief is The Pure Science Myth: that scientists pursue the truth with disinterest and follow where it leads.  That’s the story and they’re sticking to it.  But the reality is that ‘he who has the gold decides the truth”, and the science pursued is that which is paid for.  And that which is paid for, is that which gives the needed results.  And this is as much true of the pharmaceutical dollar as it is of the government’s grant, or of the foundation’s funding.   ‘This is the truth we want…  go find it.”  This is how current research is financed, then published and then enforced.  At risk are the scientists research grants and jobs; likewise for your healthcare providers.  Covid made this plain to all as regards in person healthcare.  This book makes it plain as regards vaccination validity and protocol.

The number of vaccinations has also increased remarkably since first implemented.  “As of June 2021, the typical American infant receives 26 vaccine doses against 14 diseases by age 2.”  And then there are those vaccinations mandated for school, travel, etc.

What has also increased remarkably since the advent of widespread vaccination, have been chronic diseases.

“The United States began conducting periodic health surveys in 1960 that examined various health indicators, including the occurrence of chronic disease in different populations an age groups.  The first survey in 1960 found that 1.8% of American children – about one million children – were limited in their major activity due to chronic conditions such as   asthma, vision and hearing problems, and mental issues.  During the 1960s and 1970s, that rate climbed steadily until it reached 3.8% in 1981(about two million children).  In the 1988 survey the rate rose to 4.1%, in the 1994 survey to 6.5% (about four and a half million children), and in 2010 it had reached 8% (about five and a half million children).”

Moreover, between 2003 and 2012 the rat of asthma rose 18%, the rate of autism rose 400%, and the rate of ADHD rose 44%.

“The authors write:  “The magnitude of these crimes is enormous – these entities are in way too deep to ever be able to admit any wrongdoing. They will do whatever is necessary to protect the great vaccine hoax.  For them it is a matter of life and death – literally.

And so it is for us.”

As the authors note, probably only 1.5% of health researchers and providers are privy to this information.  Most doctors only know the vaccination protocols and follow them.  They have no idea of the faulty science involved.  I can attest to this myself.  For example, at nowhere in my medical school studies was the fact that multiple year after year inoculations can tire the immune response.  This is just one example of what your doctor probably isn’t taught.


You can order this book in bulk to give to others.  I’ve purchased a dozen.


4 Responses

  1. Are the successes of the Salk/Sabin polio vaccines hallucinations?
    Is the immense success of the smallpox vaccine, most recently in India, a myth?
    Some vaccines range between stinko and hazardous no doubt. An example of which is a new polio vaccine tested in Africa — with disasterous results.
    Let’s bring a few of the corrupt medical monsters to justice and a few truthful medfolk to praise and reward.

    1. The story of polio vaccines is given over a hundred pages of analysis in the book, and its mysteries have never been resolved. But it appears as though it is actually a disease of toxic contamination than that of an infective agent. They bring the WHO to task for continuing polio vaccinations in Africa despite having no coherent scientific basis. (But we know WHO doesn’t need that.) They discussed smallpox only briefly, and I can find that portion of the book again. (It has no index.)

    2. Smallpox vaccination was stopped in 1972 and there is a belief it has been eradicated worldwide. This is probably the reason it was not discussed much in the book.

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