UK Election 2015


On the good side Miliband and Clegg and the traitors of Labour and the Liberal democrats (a once good party warped by the entry of the Labour renegades the Social democrats in 1988) are subdued. The leaders, as dubious a pair as ever stood for office have held their seats (just), but look likely to be deposed as party leaders.

George Galloway lost his seat in Bradford to a young woman he ran a nasty and personal campaign against. She may be Muslim and she may be Labour but she was a forced teenage bride, and Galloway insisting that she lied and was 16 not 15 when it happened still wouldn’t justify what her family did to her. And the police are investigating his conduct.

The coalition from hell, Trotskist Ed Miliband of Labour and wee Jimmy Krankie aka Nicola  Sturgeon  of the Scottish National Party won’t happen. Although the evil that they would have wrought may have been the catalyst the sleeping poplace needs to stir it, as Lee Rigby, the grooming gangs and the rest have not been. 

On the bad side the SNP with just over a million votes have 96% of the seats in Scotland; UKIP with nearly 4 million votes hold only one in England. 

The Torys (I cannot call them Conservatives – they are not conserving our country, our heritage or much of value) have a mandate to carry on indistinguishable from the other legacy parties.

Nigel Farage didn’t get elelcted and has now stood down as leader of UKIP, proving that he is a man of his word and has not broken a promise to further his own career. The BBC lunchtime headline is:

Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader as the party vote rises

But any jubilation about UKIP’s demise will be premature. They won 13% of the vote nationally and have a good powerbase for local elections where UKIP councillors can do a lot of good. They did very well in some seats where they could not canvas as much as they might have liked, and came in second place in (I believe) some 70 odd seats. That is progress on 2010 and they are known tobe playing the long game, looking to 2020.

But for the moment I am not a happy a bunny as I had hoped this fine lunchtime.

And as it is lunchtime, a cheese roll beckons.

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  1. “They clothe their naked villany…”

    Let me offer a now-disenfranchised perspective. Why do I say disenfranchised? Because my Countrymen (I could have chosen not to misspel that deliberately, as I may do throughout this rant, but I chose not to) have chosen to follow the path of grudge, resentment and bitterness. Like 14 year olds they scream at the Union, my Union, “It’s not fair and I HATE YOU!!”

    Guess what dear, life isn’t fair. Get over it!

    I have tried being the stiff-upper lipped Briton I was brought up to be but rational argument doesn’t really work when you have Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom!” in a propaganda film that would make Herr Goebells weep. When for 60 years card carrying members of the currently titled Scottish National Party have been teaching “Scottish history” and telling everyone coming through a Scottish school;
    “It’s not your fault you emigrated to the colonies and established the league of great democracies across the globe, it’s not your fault you were replaced by sheep, it’s not your fault your went on strike and handed your shipbuilding industries to Poland and Korea. It’s all the fault of English Tories”

    As you may have gathered am a so-called Scot, I live in what used to be Labour heartland until Scotland went overboard with its fetish for Trotskyism: but the one interesting figure I got was that in my constituency of Glasgow North East the shift/swing from Labour to SNP was over 35% on a turnout of 53.6%. For those of you who didn’t bother to turn out my advice is SHUT UP!! If you don’t vote you don’t have any right to complain about the outcome. I did, I can complain.

    But this isn’t a letter of complaint, it’s a lament. A pibrocht, play a McCrimmon tune on the pipes and weep… for now. Then get very, very angry.

    What we have witnessed in Scotland is not the settled will of the Scottish people, not even the settled will of the SNP. We have witnessed the triumph of Newspeak.

    “Austerity”? It is a word that has been used too liberally and freely (and quite rightly too) throughout this latest UK Election campaign. But none of the 30-40 year old PPE graduates ever experienced proper austerity. Where were they between 1945 and 1953 when to pay off our debts incurred for fighting nationalism our grandparents endured rationing, black & white film and Richard Dimbleby on the home service? Yet still we created the much vaunted and now fetishised National Health Service(s). ‘Touch not the militant nurse for she will have your arm off!’

    So fetishised that no British government will violate the principle of healthcare free at the point of use (or need, depending on your viewpoint). Ever! It is our Modern Commandment, our Covenant. Even for the so-called evil English Tories.

    So, austerity… Ah yes, the 1973 Miner’s Strike, the 3 day week, the overnight devaluation of Sterling by 10%, inflation in double figures, rain, snow, pestilence, famine, war and death. And if you really want to be scared by the 1970s in Britain… Jimmy Saville!

    So, austerity… of course, the Conservative Government of the 1980s, industrial decline (because other people could build cars better, cheaper, more reliable and less prone to rusting on a trip down the A1 than our closed shop unionised socialists), yet paradoxically the rise of the YUPPIEs who made more money than Midas, the despised super successful geek you went to school with who got rich while you were reading the Beano in Maths classes? Class war maybe but most of the working class I grew up around had cars.

    So, austerity… what does it mean today? Frankly the people using that word today have no idea what it means. They tweet the word “austerity” thoughtlessly on their iPone5s because they can’t afford this week’s version of the iPhone6, while wearing £80 Levis’ jeans and other expensive high street brands. The vast majority of us work but the austerity junkies feel let down because they’re not famous for singing dodgy versions of awful pop sings on the X-factor and being immediately rich and talented. The only person who has ever got rich from the X-Factor is the Cowell. That’s talent, telling the masses that the rich bloke likes karaoke pub-singers and wants to make them famous. The worrying thing is that he can.

    Getting past my dislike of talent shows there is a serous question here. Responsibility. Who is responsible for the over-inflated house prices when everyone who owns a house wants to make a profit when they sell it rather than live in it? Who is responsible for your elderly relative lying in a squalid hospital ward as they die when you complain about your National Insurance contributions (Social Security tax for those outside our sceptred isle)? Who’s responsible for sexism and intrusion in the press when all anyone buys to read is tits, celebrity gossip and scurrilous crime. One doesn’t read the Sun any more than one reads pornography.

    If you want to know who to blame, who is responsible, look in a mirror.

    So… you are now asking “what’s his bloody point?” As you should.

    Frankly I’m not sure I have a point…

    Ah yes I do! Or at least I had one when I started.

    This past UK election can be defined by two things. Resentment or aspiration. Scotland went for resentment. Overwhelmingly. This isn’t just resentment, this is grudge and vendetta. I have watched the left in Scotland get more and more popularist and popular in their anger by losing the separatist referendum: condemning a co-operative union stance as opposed to the separatist, inseparable ideology with street art (Which I must quote because I cannot upload the picture) like this which I came across on my way home one chilly evening:

    died telling
    lies for

    At the time I thought it bitter, hateful, nationalist socialist rhetoric and the desperate gasp of bad losers. How wrong I was, how prophetic that poster was.

    Never underestimate the power of propaganda. Scotland’s issue in the 2014 referendum was about identity. Did you associate your personal identity and culture with the woad-painted portrayal of William Wallace in “Braveheart”; the industrious self-reliance and ingenuity of James Watt; the intellect of James Clerk-Maxwell; the first and last economist who knew what he was talking about, Adam Smith*?

    My message to everyone, the English especially is that some of us are you, and you are some of us. Nationalists want to separate us, to point out the differences but most people in the UK are literally family. Who does not have someone in this generation who has not married and or interbred with the ancient tribal enemies? This is what the SNP is, tribalism backed my the economics of North Sea Oil (now more past than present so it’s currently about the English stealing their/our money), and the dark revisionist idea that Scots were never an imperialist people, it was all those nasty English.

    A big boy did it and ran away!

    Ask a Mouri, an Aglonquin or Huron, an Indian or any number of black slave descended Caribbeans how colonial the Scots were? Post-imperial socialist guilt cannot be wiped clean by supporting quasi-fascist-nationalist causes across the world. Though I do find it very intriguing that the one nationalist cause the Scottish nationalist cause has never supported is Zionism.

    Devolution has been a disaster, historians will look on this decade as the most precarious for the unity and influence of these island peoples, (how pompous does that sound?).

    Whatever happens this small yet versatile set of islands of the North West coast of Europe have defined the world we live in. Shaped, moulded and formed it even, and the world has hated us for it. If ignorance is bliss the Briton is the most miserable man on Earth.

    *This is my favourite economics joke.
    An Economist is like a man who has spent his whole life studying sexual depravity but never seen a real human being in the nude, or had sex.

  2. On the bad side the SNP with just over a million votes have 96% of the seats in Scotland; UKIP with nearly 4 million votes hold only one in England. …..
    you’re mixing apples with oranges …explain yourself properly…the SNP have 56 seats to UKIP’s 1…

  3. In answer to liamjq I pose a question. How did you vote, if you did, in the PR referendum? We were offered a Proportion Representation system and because what was on offer was Gerrymandered to bugger, wasn’t perfect we said no. If you want to see how a PR system designed to allegedly kill off nationalism works look closely at Holyrood. They played that game and everyone now loves Nicola Sturgeon, at least those who don’t have to live with the SNP control freaks do. Many of us forced to live under this regime vote to get shot of it, but that vote is split between competing parties.

    The nationalists only have to win once in a rigged referendum, the human being must win each and every time.

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