Vancouver is Dying

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  1. It’s no surprise when Social Justice Warriors take control of the local political system. Free drugs just encourage abuse. Defunding police doesn’t help. Then too, many in Vancouver prefer to simply ignore the obvious and continue to turn a blind eye in the cause of inclusion and diversity .

  2. When I reported a squatter in the park in front of my house in East Vancouver , the police first had to find a social worker to accompany them to face the offender.
    I stood by while they picked their way over the garbage, the stolen recycling boxes and the supermarket trolley that had quickly littered his site and waited to see how they would resolve the situation.
    Well, I ‘ve had job interviews that were more aggressive than the approach they took.

    Despite all of the obviously stolen stuff that he’d accumulated they called him “Sir”, they apologized for having to disturb him and after about half an hour they left him, in situ because they had no power to do anything other than warn him.

    Pretty soon another tent appeared and it looked like we had a tent city on our hands until SOME brave cop applied one of the vagrancy laws that they have at their disposal and cleared them out.
    To where, I don’t know and nor do I care, I’m paying taxes to people who are paid to allocate funds for solving the homeless/drug addict problem. They can do it in European Cities but they don’t seem to have a clue here on how to deal with people who can’t look after themselves .

    Don’t let this video lead you into thinking it’s just Vancouver, it’s in EVERY North American City and the politicians just don’t have the resolve to sort it out.

    Right now the responsibilities are in some sort of halfway house run by no-one, but managed by the feds, the provinces/states and the civic authorities. These three levels need to get together and create a nationwide ministry to take charge and move to action;
    First, get the addicts off the street and into supervised care. There’s countless abandoned army camps, residential facilities etc. that have been allowed to fall into disrepair, get an inventory of them and put them to use.
    Second, triage the others train them how to live and meantimes build housing to put a permanent roof over their heads.
    The civic government level is absolutely powerless at the moment and yet they are the ones left to fight the fire with what is essentially property tax income.
    We need someone with the talent of Alexander or Darius the Great to provide the strength to reform the entire system.
    Where is he?

  3. Here was the solution in Woodchurch ,Merseyside UK in the early 50s and this was done with a municipality that had NO money.
    Huge housing estates with low rents and good retail infrastructure, plus hi-rises for the elderly, at the start they were idyllic places.

    It worked very well for a while until the industrial heart was gutted when jobs went to the far east.
    Then the unemployed teens and hopeless able bodied men turned to drugs and crime and the civic level authorities didn’t know how to deal with it.

    Every remedy they came up with made it worse, they made access to drugs easier. They paid them to stay at home, they encouraged unmarried motherhood by giving them accommodation and providing money without any obligations or responsibilities.

    Now they have the same problems as we do but without the homelessness.

    Nobody has a clue as to how we can fix it.

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