Voyage Pittoresque De La Syrie?

Never again, I’m afraid. Nor to Iraq, either. And possibly not to Jordan or Libya or Lebanon. The old monuments, the old churches, the ancient libraries, the Crusader castles, even the old mosquees, are all being destroyed. And its dangerous for Infidels to travel to any Muslim land — why risk it? Despite its pyramids, Egypt is no longer attracting tourists. Would you go, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood is determined to destroy the current government and to do so by damaging the economy, a major part of which is tourism? Do you remember the massacre at Luxor? You can see all you need to see of ancient Egypt in the Louvre, the British Museum, in Berlin, in New York, in Boston — not in situ, but at least in safety. And even Turkey becomes less pleasant and more dangerous, because more wildly Muslim under Erdogan and his courtiers, every day. Just a few blocks from Taksim Square, and Isiqlal Caddesi, another Istanbul — of religious bookstores, and religious fanatics — can be accidentally entered. It’s not pleasant.

If you want a voyage pittoresque you’ll have to go anywhere but the Muslim-occupied lands. How about L’Amerique septentrionale? Or good old Europe — you know, France, Italy, Holywell Manor, wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, the coast of Bohemia, places like that?


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  1. There is still, of course, for the full Middle Eastern experience… Israel. Ancient churches and monasteries, ancient Biblical sacred sites (e.g. Mount Carmel, and Elijah’s caves), camels, belly-dancers, luscious food from every cuisine in the entire ‘middle east’ from Algeria to Iran because of all those Jews who fled and were driven home to Israel bringing their family recipes with them, date palms, glorious mediterranean beaches, Crusader castles, Roman ruins, Masada, desert oases with waterfalls…All enclosed and protected by that thin ring of tempered steel that is the IDF. Anyone who is willing to allow love to cast out fear, and wishes to let the Israelis know that they are loved and supported, and wishes to show that in a concrete fashion, by spending tourist dollars – that will help that thin ring of steel sustain itself – can take a calculated risk and travel to Israel, taking care if at all possible to fly El Al, which these days should be – on all those routes where it is available – *the* airline of choice for the discerning Infidel traveller who wishes to have the best possible chance of arriving alive and unexploded at one’s destination. If one is really brave and wishes to make a stand, one could find out when the next group of intrepid Jews intends to ascend the Mount, and go along with them, as a Righteous Gentile, to help swell the numbers and make a point – a pointed point – to the swarm of arrogant Muslim squatters who go out of their minds when they see a large group of confident Jews asserting Native Title rights. During the ‘suicide bomber intifada’ as it was called, the Israelis were inexpressibly helped and heartened by those very brave persons – whether Jew or Gentile – who deliberately chose to visit Israel, during that time, as tourists. To spend money and share the risk. Encourage the front line troops of the Camp of the Infidels: visit Israel.

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