Was T-Rex a Hopper?

by Rebecca Bynum

I’ve been thinking lately that the traditional manner of articulaing Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons may be wrong. 

The thick tail and massive head seem to teeter totter over the legs with the whole animal balanced on its toes. If not in motion, how would it even rest?

What if?

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


3 Responses

  1. More seriously, and referring to your first question, T Rex is clearly suffering from a futuristic gluten-free diet as its Gluteus Maximus has been reduced to ‘de minimis’ making it difficult to sit comfortably. This creature is probably a male, as indicated by its brainlessness and its pride in standing about in the nude and in a public space. Its unjustified pride is obvious from displaying a big mouth but saying nothing of value, a sign of it being the ancestral source of today’s male politician sub-species T Wretch. ///. Regarding the kangaroo-like creature: My forensic analysis is quite accurate — the poor creature immobilized in place because it can’t decide which leg to move first! Also, in this government-managed forest preserve, their is, stupidly, a fee assessed for animals with tails — it’s for tails tolled by an idiot bureaucrat, assuredly (hint: see first three letters of assuredly). ///. I must now take my sedatives and any other scholarly questions you need answers to.

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