WATCH: Imam Lectures On How To Stone Women To Death, Says They Should Be Buried Waist-Deep To Protect Modesty

This is from the Indian newspaper Free Press Journal. I also found it discussed in the fish queue on twitter where a couple of comments said that the whole lecture should have been shown, as what if the description of this sharia punishment was merely factual and the Imam went on to say that nowadays we think differently. As if the Imam of a mosque notorious for a traditional, to the letter, interpretation of the Koran and sharia law is going to argue for progress and modernisation. His voice and the way he explained the punishments was not that of a man who is keen that he move on from the ancient ways.

However before I left home for the day I searched for a longer version. What came up in a search (and I used several search phrases) were You Tube clips on ‘How a Good Muslim Uses the Toilet’ and ‘Hot Lesbians Practise Prostration’ neither of which I wanted to investigate before breakfast.  If at all.

So I link these clips mindful that I don’t have all the context, but aware of the reputation of the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham (Dispatches – Undercover Mosque) and having assessed the demeanour of Imam Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem.

A video of an imam lecturing an audience on how to stone a woman to death emerged on social media on Tuesday. The video is from Birmingham’s Green Lane Masjid that recently received £2.2 million (Rs 23.24 crore) from the British government to support young people across Birmingham.

In the video, Imam Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem can be heard telling the audience that the woman should be buried waist-deep in the ground before stoning.

“According to the Sharia (Islamic law), when it comes to women, there must a hole dug in the earth, in the ground; and she must be covered up to half of the body,” the imam said.

The video made rounds on X (formerly Twitter). Some users expressed doubts whether Zakaullah actually advocated the practice. However, another video of the same sermon shows the imam explaining to the audience that stoning to death is the punishment for ‘zina’ – and Islamic legal term for illicit sexual relations.

“The person who commits zina, according to the Islamic or the Sharia, whenever the Sharia is established, the punishment (for) the adulterer – man or woman – the punishment for them is, if they are married, then they will be stoned to death. If they are unmarried, they will be beaten with 100 lashes in front of a big Muslim gathering,”

If  do find the rest of the lecture I will return; if it turns out that I have traduced Imam Zakaullah I will say so.


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