We must come together’: Muslim leaders in rallying cry ahead of ‘Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban’ protest

From the London Evening Standard. The ‘outrage’ is normal; what is much changed is the comments. A few years ago any comment critical of islam would have been immedaitely shot down. Now each comment is supportive of the one before.

Members of the capital’s Muslim community have backed a demonstration due to take place outside the US embassy in Mayfair on Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference at the London Muslim Centre, Dilowar Hussein Khan, executive director of the East London Mosque, said Mr Trump is “damaging the whole fabric of society” and needs to be resisted.

He said: “This Muslim travel ban is completely unjust; it is discriminatory particularly for this time and age when we believe in a multicultural society. We believe in equality and I think what he is doing is damaging the whole social fabric of our society.

“What’s going to happen is a lot of people are going to take inspiration from him, especially those who hate Muslims and hate foreigners, and if we don’t stop this we will see a rise in far right politics. . . “

Mr Khan pointed out that during his campaign Donald Trump claimed that there were parts of London so radicalised that police officers feared for their lives . . . Mr Khan added: “We showed him there are no no go areas, in fact, there were no go areas for Muslims and people of other faiths and colour in the past, in the 70s and 80s. I couldn’t go to certain areas of Tower Hamlets and I used to get attacked by the National Front and the BNP…”

Azad Ali, (Oh, he has form – not a nice man at all)  Head of Community Development & Engagement at MEND, added: “We here in the UK are in a state of shock, we’re dumbfounded, we just can’t believe how bad the situation is and we really need to wake up, we really need to see what is really taking place because we are sleep walking into, who knows, genocide. Bosnia didn’t happen overnight, what happened in Nazi Germany didn’t happen overnight. We should not allow this fascism to go unchallenged.”

Now the comments. There were times my friends and I thought we were shooting into the wind. We hoped the ripples we caused would travel and now we know they have. I just hope we are in time.

* He says at one time he couldn’t go in Tower Hamlets. Now its the other way round and we get stared at in Tower Hamlets for being white!!

*This protest should be banned.  How dare they?  They are ‘guests’ in MY country and their arrogance is unbelievable.  Let them take their protest to the US.  Oops, forget DT won’t let them in.  Sensible man.

* What else can you expect from Londonistan?

* We are a minority in our own Capital. What makes these aliens think they have the right to swamp the English and why do our traitor politicians allow them to.

* Who is this ‘we’ that he is talking about.  Why is this even an issue for UK citizens. 

* Kuwait has suspended the issuance of visas for nationals of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran…wonder if the Muslim leaders and President Khan will call for a demonstration outside Kuwait embassy?

* So, when will these ” luvvie ” muslims call for a demonstration targeting all 11 muslim countries embassies which have a ban on Isralies travelling to their countries?  Or are demonstrations against muslim countries not allowed?



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  1. I, too, have felt the wind changing, in the Comments sections of such newspapers as are brave enough to open up their op eds, articles and news reports for Comments, when the subject is anything to do with Islam.

    Even over at the Guardian and in comments to articles in other reliably-Islamophile press outlets, if Comments are opened up, there are always people speaking intelligently, from a position of accurate knowledge, and when the Islamopologists – whether infidel dhimmis, or out and out Muslims – try to peddle their nonsense-and-lies, there is *always* someone jumping in with the uncomfortable facts.

    I saw the 'shift' happen at the Jerusalem Post online, where I began reading online at around 2006; they *always* had comments available for everything (since the Israeli public, presumably, are only too happy to jump in boots and all with an opinion). I can't say when the change happened, but I know that early on, it was rare to encounter a poster who understood that the Arab (and other ethnicity, e.g. Iranian) Muslim assault on Israel was a classic Jihad, or to encounter a poster who knew about Dhimmitude, and Jizya, and Treaty of Hudaybiyya. Now it's a different story… the *majority* of commenters know exactly what is going on and why.  (And this includes not only those who identify as Jews from Israel, but visitors – whether Jewish or non-Jewish – from other countries – notably USA, Australia, and, interestingly, India).

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