Western Europe shows no sign of waking up

A few days ago, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the media that Germany was one of the safest countries in the world. On Saturday, November 6, he was eating his words as he was forced to make the standard statement of shock when a 27-year-old Syrian refugee stabbed three passengers on a train from Regensburg to Nuremberg. Thus far, none have died.

As things stand now, the attacker is In a PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL due to indications he is mentally ill. That is the standard line in Germany and other Western European countries. German police have stated that there is no indication of an Islamic-inspired terrorist attack. Pending his psychiatric evaluation, the man is charged with attempted murder.

Meanwhile, out-going German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, when asked about the refugee issue in her country, told interviewers that “We have done it”. This is a reference to her remark when the invasion began in earnest in 2015, (“Wir schaffen dass”-We can do this). The phrase has become a punch line for her critics.

Meanwhile, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, continues to send thousands of Middle Eastern migrants across his borders into Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. As I wrote, hundreds of migrants are storming the Belarus-Poland border trying to break into the latter country, from where the next stop with be Germany. Poland, along with her East European neighbors, is doing all it can to stop them.

Eastern European members of the EU are not willing to accept migrants from predominantly Muslim countries. Having recently broken free from the clutches of the old Soviet Union and communism, and seeing the mayhem and carnage in Western Europe, they are unwilling to see their countries re-occupied by other destructive forces. For this, they have earned the ire of their fellow EU members in Western Europe who want to impose sanctions for those countries who will not “accept their fair share.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has gone even further. He wants Hungary expelled from the EU over that country’s recent decision to ban teaching of the LGBTQ agenda to schoolchildren. In response, Dutch opposition leader, Geert Wilders, has asked in which country are gays safer from attack, Hungary or the Netherlands? The answer is obvious. The Netherlands, historically famous for being a refuge for homosexuals, Jews, and other marginalized groups, is no longer safe for gays and Jews due to the presence of so many recently-arrived Muslims, who bring with them a centuries-old, religious-based hostility to both groups.

Meanwhile, the flood of migrants from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa continues unabated. The boats continue to land in Lampedusa, the Italian island off the coast of Sicily, the Spanish border enclaves at Ceuta and Melilla are periodically stormed, and the Western European governments and their masters in Brussels (EU) just wring their hands. And with each attack, each innocent victim stabbed, raped, run over, murdered, one thinks to oneself: “Will the Western Europeans now finally wake up?” Thus far, there are no signs that they will.


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