What Hope Is There for Britain?

by Gary Fouse

The (latest) London Bridge attack on November 29 underscores just how sick Great Britain has become. Although it was heartening to see ordinary citizens go after the attacker with everything they could get their hands on and equally heartening to see (armed) cops shoot the killer down, what we learn in the immediate aftermath is so sickening that we have to question whether this country can really survive.

First, we learn that the attacker, Usman Khan, a Muslim born in Britain of Pakistani parents, had already been imprisoned for plotting a previous planned terrorist attack in 2010, an intended bombing of the London Stock Exchange. He was released in December 2018 and was even wearing an ankle bracelet when he was shot dead after killing two people with a knife. So what we know is that two innocent people are dead due to the feckless, naive judicial system of Great Britain. This man should have been locked up for life. Instead, he was enrolled in some rehabilitation program offered by Cambridge University. One wonders how the learned professors will explain this one to their classes.

But to add insult to injury, we are now subjected to the usual liberal talking points coming out of British media wringing their hands over the “discrimination” against Muslims that led Khan, in despair, to resort to radicalism and murder. Not only that, we are told that (as always) it is not the dead and wounded or their families who are the victims, rather it is the Muslim community itself because once again, the public is forced to associate Islam with violence. Britain’s liberal media outlet, The Guardian has this piece in response to the latest savagery.

In addition, some are calling for an investigation into why the police shot Khan to death. He had been disarmed by the civilians and was then unarmed when shot though I can’t say for sure they were aware that the knife had been taken away. He was also wearing what police are describing as a “hoax” suicide belt and was not submitting when the shots were fired. Given the facts and circumstances surrounding the stabbings and seeing what appeared to be a suicide belt, there was a clear perception of a deadly threat. I don’t know what the laws and police guidelines in Britain are in police shooting cases, but in the US, if a cop is in reasonable fear for his/her life or the lives of others, deadly force can be justified. Had that suicide belt been real and the cops had held their fire, they might all be dead as well as a few of those by-standers.

Instead of laying blame on the police for killing Khan, Britain should be taking steps to ensure that all of their cops are armed. The days of the unarmed Bobbie in Merry Olde England should be a thing of the past. The country, especially London, has become too damned dangerous, thanks to the multi-cultural joys of Islam.

After each horrific attack, one wonders when the Europeans will say enough is enough. Close the borders, get rid of the so-called asylum-seekers and migrants (Khan was British-born), and put in place stiff punishments for terrorists. Yet, they never seem to learn the basic truth: While not all Muslims are terrorists or violent, Islam is an inherently violent ideology, and kid gloves will not protect the public from this savagery.


2 Responses

  1. “This man should have been locked up for life.” No: Rather, he should have been stripped of his British citizenship and expelled to Pakistan, having first been informed that should he ever step foot in any non-Islamic country ever again, he would be shot on sight as an enemy combatant. Alternatively, if removal of citizenship was not deemed currently feasible, the not-so-ancient punishment of Exile For The Term of Your Natural Life could have been dug out of the statute books and dusted off, and applied: exile to Pakistan, forever. No appeal, no return. (But dna sample, biometric date, mug shot, fingerprints, footprints and voiceprint all taken and put on file, before packing him off back to the hell-on-earth that is the dar al Islam; so that should he ever try to creep in to the Lands of the Infidels, he could be identified.. and then executed, as an enemy combatant. he was never in any meaningful sense a British citizen. He is a member of the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob, which is a blend of death/ war cult, land-grabbing empire, and slave-trading drug-pushing sex-trafficking pillaging-and-murdering organised-crime syndicate – the world’s ugliest, deadliest and longest-running.
    Every jihad-aware British non-Muslim should be pressing their MPs, foreign minister, defence minister, immigration minister, for an immediate ban on ALL further entry, into Britain, of any and all identifiable mohammedan mobsters; for expulsion of all non-citizen muslims (beginning with all, such as “refugees’ on humanitarian visas, who have been caught committing crimes of any kind and/ or plotting acts of jihad terror) and stripping of citizenship and expulsion of all Muslims currently holding citizenship status who are known to have either attempted, committed or plotted to commit acts of jihad terror.

  2. There is no hope. One cannot see 100 years ahead, but in this century there is no hope. Brexit or no Brexit, armed cops or not, the ruling elites have turned the UK into that most contemptible of all national species: a voluntary dhimmi. And it was a long time coming and blaming “the Left” won’t do. One can just peruse the treatment British “conservatives” gave Enoch Powell after his prescient Rivers of Blood speech in 1968, or their actions and utterances since 1990: John Major, followed by a string of pitiful, politically correct milquetoasts.

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