Where’s Hugh?

Many of you have written asking about Hugh Fitzgerald.

Hugh is battling depression and has been hospitalized. I spoke to him yesterday and he is very concerned about the side effects from the medication he is receiving. As is often the case, the cure seems to be worse than the disease.

Please keep him in your prayers. He is certainly one of the most brilliant writers and political commentators working today and NER is much poorer without him. We hope to have him back soon.


11 Responses

  1. Thank you for letting us know. I will certainly pray (even though I know he is an atheist); it sounds like he is having a very rough time. Does he have anyone fighting his corner for him, in the hospital? Someone who can question and challenge the doctors and nurses and demand answers and insist on second opinions, and so on? Kind of ironic that Theodore Dalrymple is part of the team, here. Does Dr Dalrymple have any advice?

    If you speak with Our Hugh, convey my deepest condolences (Esmerelda has told me a little of his situation and the event that may have triggered this bout of depression) and my good wishes.

  2. I’m praying for Hugh; he’s one of God’s warriors in the battle against Islam (whether he accepts this truth doesn’t change the reality of it).

    I concur that his circle of learned friends should ensure he has an ally with him as he moves through the health care system.

  3. I wish Hugh a full & speedy recovery to good health. We need him now more than ever.
    I shall certainly remember him in my prayers.

  4. Just a thought – a shoutout to those on the team and those regulars who read/ post here, who are Jewish and in particular Israeli. Hugh – Hugh the atheist – has always been a passionate and staunch Friend of Zion. Surely there must be someone reading here who is in Israel, or has friends or contacts there, who could arrange for a suitable petition to be placed at the Kotel on his behalf?

  5. Please send him my love and prayers. I have read his writing for years and believe he is a light in the darkness. Shall pray to him, and hope he is back to full health and writing again soon.

  6. The entire counter-jihad movement is much the poorer without Hugh Fitzgerald and his unique insights. My sincere prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

  7. Thank you so much for this post Ms. Bynum. I’ve been checking almost daily and becoming more concerned as time passed.
    Warm thoughts and best wishes to Hugh!

  8. Hugh is a great warrior and inspiring guide – I steal his ideas all the time. I’m very sad to hear this news, but I’m sure that HaShem has a good plan for him.

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