Why are the EDL returning to Walthamstow next week.

Regular readers will remember the EDL demonstration in Walthamstow in September 2012 and the violence inflicted upon it by the left wing and Muslim opposition.

The marchers never completed the route and members of the EDL were kept kettled until late in the evening. I wrote about it here.

Below – UAF leader Weyman Bennett surveys the aftermath of the counter protest.

You may also remember the events of October 2012, which I reported here. The EDL announced their intention to return to Walthamstow. Tommy Robinson, Kev Carroll and others were arrested and given bail conditions not to enter the London area. The Home Secretary responded with a ban on all but customary marches in four London boroughs including Waltham Forest. The EDL were allowed a static rally outside Parliament to last one hour only. The UAF, We are Waltham Forest and their Muslim allies were not stopped from marching that afternoon through Waltham Forest, in contravention of the ban. That march was actually attended by the then MP of Walthamstow, Stella Creasy of Labour Co-op. She was described as an ‘observer’ but from what I observed that day she was a participant – on podium second right.

This is the local newspaper’s report of that march. 

Miss Creasy was wrong about several things – the back of the EDL was not broken that day and more than 15 people attended the rally in Westminster.

I wrote about the reasons for the EDL demonstration in August 2012 here. 


Things in the borough have not improved. There have been more mosques opened. More Madrassas opened.

Men from Waltham Forest involved in terrorism attacks, foiled plots and jihad overseas.

Central to much of it is the figure of Walthamstow resident Anjem Choudary, (left at Regent’s Park Mosque on Good Friday exhorting Muslims not to vote in the General Election). He used to live in the same street as friends of my mothers; he then moved near to Lloyd’s Park and the William Morris Gallery.

This is a report dated 18th October 2013 about the Sharia Patrols carried out on the streets of Tower Hamlets (and less well publicised, Waltham Forest)

An Islamist who wants to bring Sharia law to Britain has admitted assaulting two people in the street.The group said they wanted to ‘kill non-believers’ and said they would stab revellers, as well as uploading YouTube videos in which they criticised non-Muslims for what they were wearing. 

Jordan Horner, of Radbourne Crescent, Walthamstow, believes Osama bin Laden was a hero and has previously been jailed for assaulting a photographer.

 It can now be reported that Horner was jailed earlier this year when he threatened photographers, saying they would meet the same fate as ‘boy soldier’ Lee Rigby if they took pictures of Anjem Choudary. He was convicted of assault and criminal damage after beating up one photographer and smashing up another’s car.

Horner shoved Bradley Page outside Choudary’s house in Walthamstow two days after Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in Woolwich on May 22, and said: ‘You should be careful. What happened to the boy soldier could happen to you.’

The following day, he told Sonjia Horsman he would cut her ‘f***ing head off’ and caused £3,000 worth of damage to her car.

This is from the Waltham Forest Guardian dated 19th November 2013

Two Walthamstow men are among a group of Muslim protesters charged with public disorder and affray. Mirza Ali, 38, of Lambkins Mews in Walthamstow, Jordan Horner, 29, of Radbourne Crescent in Walthamstow, and three others are accused of  instigating a mass brawl in Edgware Road on May 10. Violence flared during an anti-Shia protest led by radical preacher Anjem Choudary, also from Walthamstow, leading to at least one man needing hospital treatment. 

Ultimately Jordan Horner was convicted of that crime as well and sentenced to a further 15 months imprisonment; Mirza Ali, a doctor, a surgical Registrar no less, absconded and was sentenced in his absence, also (I believe) to 15 months imprisonment. He is now a senior officer in a Taliban splinter group.

In January 2014 Jordan Horner, and fellow converts Ricardo McFarlane and Royal Barnes were given Antisocial Behavioural Orders (Asbos) to stop them promoting Sharia Law and imposing their views on others. They were also forbidden from meeting cleric Anjem Choudary, other than in a mosque during peaceful worship. Further ASBOs were made against others from the group later.

Meanwhile in Walthamstow the da’wa propaganda stall appear in and around the market place frequently, (but not always the same place or time) but the coucil do little or nothing to stop them. And my source for this little piece of information is the anti-EDL, currently Labour Co-op party candidate Miss Creasy herself, on her Facebook Page. She called my article of August 2012 ‘lies’ on twitter, despite some of my information coming from her own social media discussions with constituents. 

There is no direct connection between Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22nd May 2013 and Walthamstow. The connection is, again, Choudary and his band of Mujahideen. Choudary was filmed claiming murdered soldier Lee Rigby will “burn in hellfire”. He also told followers that Michael Adebolajo is “a nice man”.

The EDL originally mooted the idea of a London demonstration on 9th May to protest against The London Borough of Greenwich’s decision not to allow a memorial to Lee Rigby, bearing his name, in Woolwich where he worked and died. Then, mindful of the feelings of his family it was decided to return to Walthamstow for the following reasons.

The English Defence League will be returning to Walthamstow on the 9th May 2015 to make it clear once and for all that we can and will protest in any town or city in this great country of ours. We will demonstrate against and highlight Muslim extremism, grooming gangs and counter the threat that Islam poses to our country where ever we find it and we will never be defeated it this quest. If we are opposed and prevented from doing so, we declare we will return time and time again until our voice is heard and acted upon; we will never ever surrender!

The reaction from the Left and Muslims is predictable. the UAF and Socialist Worker have called a counter demonstration and as pleased that certain Muslim groups will be joining them. Again I am indebted to Miss Creasy’s Facebook page for observing that any sugggestion that an EDL march is part of our tradition of free speech is shouted down with cries of ‘You are an EDL supporter’. Free speech is not free – some of our ancestors died for it. 

When Saturday comes we shall see.



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