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  1. Australia has room and to spare, and a very large Catholic community – including a significant Assyrian (Iraqi and Syrian) Catholic presence dating back to the late 19th century and early 20th-century migrations fleeing previous terrible persecutions carried out by Muslims – with a network of churches and parishes, as well as a very large Orthodox Christian community, representing all traditions including Syrian Orthodox. We even have some Nestorian Christian churches. We are wealthy, and we have room; and instead of leaving it to tiny, cash-strapped countries like Slovakia, *Australia* should be stepping up to the plate an d offering to take, not merely a few hundred Iraqi and Syrian Christians but…hundreds of thousands. Barnabas Fund and others could be in charge of the vetting process.

    The entire Christian West – and that includes Latin America – could be mounting an ‘Operation Exodus’ or ‘Operation Eagles’ Wings’ on behalf of the Christians of Syria and Iraq, a rescue effort inspired by and modelled upon the rescue operations that the Jews of Israel (with far fewer resources than *we* collectively possessed) mounted to rescue the mortally-imperilled Jews of, for example, Yemen and Iraq.

    Imagine what might have been, had the USA had a different calibre of President…The phone-call to Vladimir Putin, the face-to-face meeting – with generals and Patriarchs and Cardinals in the room together round the table – the question…”How many of these poor people are there? How can we best work together to get them all out? How many troop-carrying boats and planes can we jointly set aside to transport them; how can we best rescue those who are trapped, process them most expeditiously, weed out any Muslim fakers, and bring the threatened Christians to safety in our respective lands? We’ll take the Catholics, you take the Orthodox…And while we’re at it, let’s conduct some annihilator raids and send in our special forces to *destroy* the Islamic State brothels and slave markets, execute the slave traders with extreme prejudice, and see how many of those poor little Yazidi and Christian sex slaves we can bring out alive…”

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