With Conservatives Like These Who Needs Enemies?

by Armando Simón

It is familiar in conservative websites to send verbal thunderbolts in the direction of liberals, of which I am an eager participant since I loathe their attempts to turn the American democracy into a Marxist totalitarian state. Their relentless activities at indoctrinating the military, at imposing censorship, at peddling propaganda in the media, insistence on conformity, mutilation of science, and urging children to either become homosexuals or agree to be mutilated are sufficient reason to hurl to those Comunista pendejos every invective that I can muster in three different languages.

But I also want to send some invectives in the direction of conservatives for letting matters escalate to this dire level. I have done so before (or tried) but while conservative readers gleefully read what I write about the Communists, they become outraged by my criticism of themselves in spite of an uninterrupted string of phenomenal failures. To be sure, many conservatives have damned Republican politicians and for good reason. But the same can be said for the rank and file.


The Rinos. The most obvious, the Mitch McConnels, the Mitt Romneys, the Lindsay Grahams, the Liz Cheneys, the John Cornyns, opportunists all. These swamp creatures have no principles whatsoever with the result that they will go along with propositions put forth by Democrats even if they destroy the country.

They hate any conservative with principles. Newcomer Ted Cruz found they sabotaged his every move, every bill. He proposed a bill and not one Senator seconded, by orders of the turtle, a slap in the face. Lindsay Graham famously said that if Ted Cruz was murdered in a full session of the Senate, no witness would come forth.

Democrats vote in Congress as a bloc. Because of Rinos, this is not the case with Republicans. 11 Republicans voted with the Democrats on the debt ceiling. 24 voted with Democrats to pass computer chip bill. 9 voted for the Presidential Election Reform Act. 20 voted against censuring Rep. Schiff.

A new breed of incumbents in the US Congress is becoming rebellious. In fact, we see that many Republican Congresswomen have got more cojones than their male counterparts.

The Backstabbers. Like the above, they have no loyalty and few principles, if any. They tend to think of themselves as superior to the great men. Think of Barr, think of Amanpour. Remember some members of Ronald Reagan’s cabinet, who thought of him a dullard, a bumbling fool whereas they were geniuses.

Well, nobody remembers them now.

The Backstabbers are even family members who turn against their prominent relative—which is interesting because you never hear this happening with a prominent liberal politician since liberals indoctrinate their offsprings, something conservatives don’t.

Vice-President Spiro Agnew has been forgotten, but in 1969 was extremely popular in the Sixties and Seventies (before the term “fake news” was coined) after he made a speech denouncing the leftist media. The Communists went berserk upon his revelation and was targeted. In 1973, the Democratic AG of Maryland charged him with bogus offences. He wanted to fight the charges and clear his name, but he was intensely pressured by the White House staff to take a bullet for the team and he folded, doing a plea bargain for tax evasion, whereupon he resigned and disappeared from public life.

The Prissy Conservatives. These are individuals who believe that we should not be too forceful in standing for  principles, we should be meek and polite, even when leftists are bashing our heads in or screaming obscenities at our faces. I know one pastor who voted against Trump in 2020 because he didn’t like Trump’s choice of words.

I cannot count how many times an article of mine has been rejected by a conservative or libertarian website because my Cuban came out and I used harsh language in describing the totalitarian fanatics who are trying to destroy America. The editor(s) preferred I used bland language.

[ Omitted from article: This from Jesse Kelly: “People don’t understand why such a tiny portion of society has such an outsized voice today. It’s not complicated. They’re more committed to their religion than you are to yours. They’re interested in victory and domination. You’d like to win, but only if you can look polite.” And from John Cardillo: “They stole our fucking votes, installed an old man with dementia as the puppet for a Marxist regime, have savages rioting and looting in the streets, locked you down and destroyed your life, yet far too many on our side still want to be polite and compromise with these derelicts.”]

Just read this Kumbaya article promoting the virtues of being wimp.

The “Let’s Take the High RoadConservatives. Very similar to the Prissy Conservatives, except that they think of themselves as ultra-moral and will not engage the enemy in any effective way. If the leftists do establish death camps for conservatives, as they have repeatedly declared, these are the conservatives that will go to the showers with head held high instead of running away or attacking the guards. They don’t want to offend anyone, even the ones who are trying to kill them.

They despise the January 6 political prisoners.

They look down on the few conservatives who use the same tactics leftists use against them. Case in point: a New York City production of Julius Caesar had a Trump look alike. When Caesar-Trump was assassinated on stage New Yorkers salivated at the scene. One performance, some conservatives interrupted the performance and instead of being praised were condemned by the “Let’s Take the High Road” Conservatives.

A slight variation on this type of useless conservative is the one who thinks that we should just wait for leftists to come to their senses, to realize the absurdity and malevolence of their actions and ideologies. They like to point to Bill Maher, who occasionally ridicules the antics of the covid fanatics or the transgenders. This is simply a laziness Waiting for Godot approach that does not take into account the rigidity and relentlessness of the fanatic mentality.

The Throw-Him-Under-the-Bus-Conservatives. Very similar to the Backstabbers, when a fellow conservative blunders, in order to please liberals, they seize the poor guy and throw him under the bus. This contrasts with liberals who, as a rule, as soon as one of them makes a mistake, they automatically circle the wagons around him.

Thus, we saw no liberals attack Hillary when she said that all blacks look alike, or when Biden made his racist remarks.

When Bill Clinton was about to be impeached, Democratic senators went outside the White House and practically put on cheerleading outfits with pompons and cheered for him. Contrast that with when Richard Nixon was about to be impeached, Republican Senators (led by Goldwater) went and pressured him to resign.

And Bill Clinton was a serial rapist.

When Trent Lott went to Senator Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party, he said some general kind things about the old fart (an outspoken racist). Liberals had a fit and Lott’s Republican colleagues ganged up on him and he resigned as Senate Republican Leader in order to make Democrats happy.

[ Omitted from article: A few years ago, while Republican politicians did little more than pick their noses, Milo Yiannopoulos was extremely popular among the college crowd and intensely hated by liberals for his sharp tongue, the foremost fighter against the Communists and toxic feminists. He is a flaming gay with a predilection for black men, a Jew, a Brit, obviously high every time he was on stage (he liked to say, he broke liberals’ stereotype of a conservative). He was second only to Trump in popularity and hatred from leftists. Then, he said something incredibly stupid and was dropped like a hot potato. To make matters worse, the persons that he associated with were parasites and he lost all income.

Now, you would think that he would appreciate not being backstabbed or undermine an ally, but he criticized singer Joy Villa—who has mingled with liberal celebrities at events while wearing pro-life and MAGA outfits—for being a member of the Church of Scientology.]

The Run Awa-a-a-a-a-y!!! Conservatives. You may remember the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. These are the type of conservatives that when Communists act out in a particular institution, they leave in disgust rather than to fight and eject them, resulting in leftists taking over the institution. Milo Yiannopoulos himself pointed this out, that the reason we’re in this mess and Communists have come to control the news, the universities, Hollywood is that conservatives did nothing to prevent it from the beginning.

I first saw this phenomenon in the Seventies during the conservation movement when things were so dismal a river in Ohio caught fire and the bald eagle was on the verge of extinction. Since companies were poisoning the air and water, the Communists entered the ecology movement to bash capitalism, declaring there was no pollution in the USSR (Wrong!!), so conservatives turned their backs on the movement which was taken over by the crazies. By the way, Republican Theodore Roosevelt was the first great conservationist.

You see it happening in schools. Several professors and administrators declared they resigned from their position because of Communist indoctrination and persecution. Their positions have been filled by more Communists.

You also see this in the home schooling movement. Instead of staying at the school and fighting to expunge the indoctrinating malevolent fanatics, conservatives grab their kids, Run awa-a-a-ay! and home school them. And leave the other poor kids whose parents cannot home school at the mercy of the fanatics. Less work, less stress for them.

One conservative wrote that if you work in the FBI and are against its transformation into a KGB, you should quit—and let the Communists completely take over the FBI.

Conservatives Who Are Pussies. Whereas the above conservatives are disgusted by the leftists and do not fight back because they are lazy and they take the line of least resistance (“Run awa-a-a-a-ay!!”), these conservatives are cowards, pure and simple. Prime examples can be seen in universities where loudmouthed leftists, or one transgender, or one feminist, upends a conservatives’ table of reading material and the conservative students just tremble. Physical assaults on conservatives by liberals are simply not repaid in kind at the moment.

It’s not polite.

Incidentally, the opposite of these conservatives are the Proud Boys. It speaks volumes that the Proud Boys are disowned by many conservatives, which goes to show that cowards hate the persons who have courage.

It is not always physical attacks. Verbal attacks by leftists at this stage consists in person or via Twitter, etc. In institutions intimidation through temper tantrums is their main weapon, yet their victims react as if they are about to be tortured then shot. It is simply mindboggling how many persons instantly collapse, grovel for forgiveness and promise to “educate” themselves into the conformity.

Hell, they’re such pussies they won’t even use the C-word (Communists)!

The Never Trumpers. They have such a virulent hatred for the man, they would do anything to thwart his election or his policies, even if it destroys their country and even if Trump’s policies are the same ones that they favor.

Ann Coulter was a fervent Trump supporter in 2016. He didn’t finish the border wall due to constant backstabbing, and undermining the man on everything by the Deep State. So in 2020, she lambasted Trump for not finishing and badmouthed him every chance she got—and hasn’t stopped. So we have Pseudo-President Biden and his Marxist cronies.

You happy now, Ann?

Waiting-for-the-Savior Conservatives. These are the lazy (or maybe cowardly) conservatives who will not act on a local level, but are waiting for Trump or DeSantis who will save them. A version of these conservatives are some evangelicals, who instead of acting forcefully on a local level, pray louder in the hopes that Jesus Himself will come down and do the dirty work for them.

It-Can’t-Be-Done Conservatives. These are the people who constantly sow doubt at any practical plan and take the wind out of your sails. Years ago, I submitted an article to a website stating that one way to nip the totalitarianism in the bud was for state legislatures to defund certain programs (Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Black Studies, Sociology) as well as pass a law that pseudosciences should not be presented to students in universities since they are not based on fact, and since Marxism was a pseudoscience the law would facilitate eradicating the source of totalitarianism. The editor insisted such measures could not be made since they went against the First Amendment.

Incidentally, Camille Paglia has called for the defunding of Women’s Studies.

Lastly, The Stupid Conservatives.  These are characterized because they never learn from past mistakes, they keep repeating the same useless tactics, they never study their enemy. They cannot think, much less act, outside the box. They are so stupid that every time they blink they think it’s a new day. These are the people that believe that whereas the 2020 election was obviously fraudulent, the 2024 election will not be. These are the types of candidates that hire political consultants with a proven history of failure for their campaign and who believe that more and more and more yard signs with their names will convince voters to vote for them. They repeatedly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

For example, my metropolis has a liberal city council and mayor. I urged, I begged, the Republican candidates to hit them where they were ultra-vulnerable: remind them of what Democrats did during covid and the consequences. Put ads in the newspaper to remind voters. Democrats are desperate for people to forget the covid fiasco—and Republicans are complying. What did Republican candidates do?


They just put out more yard signs with their names on them.

They lost.

Another thing: conservatives are notorious at not spreading their message. Instead, they like preaching to the choir, where it’s safe and uneventful. Along similar lines, most conservatives have no concept of networking or of maintaining a database of organizations and people who will participate in events and demonstrations (perhaps they’re just lazy), usually relying on an announcement on their particular website about a forthcoming “day of action” which results in about nine attendees. Contrast that with the feminist network. They can turn out tens of thousands.

As for Republican state legislatures, most do nothing.

To repeat: with conservatives like these, who needs enemies? They never learn and they never change.

No wonder the country is on the verge of collapse.

First published in Issues & Insights, August 1, 2023


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