Ahmadiyya Muslim lorry: Stop WW3

Seen in Central London yesterday. An advertising lorry employed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to warn of the coming World War III.

I don’t know what to make of the Ahmadiyya. I have never knowlingly met or spoken with one. That they are persecuted in almost every Muslim country to an extend worse than Christians and Jews are persecuted (infidels are ignorant. People who know the Koran and call themselves Muslim should know better, seems to be the rationale) engages sympathy. That whenever an Islamic group is shown in the press to be doing something good (selling poppies, cleaning up litter) it is frequently an Ahmadyya mosque. Is this genuine or high velocity taqiya? 

That they have moved on from the recitation of Mohammed to revere the teaching of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad suggests a willingness to grow. That they still revere Mohammed as Allah’s messenger makes me hold back due to his flaws as an example to follow. 

They are not the only people who feel in their bones that Civil unrest which is happening (but played down) in Europe may erupt in a series of Civil wars. And they have more experience of orthodox Islamic governance than most. Interesting times.


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  1. A few years ago, representatives of the Ahmadiya mosque in Chino, Calif, spoke at UC Irvine and I attended. Prior to the beginning, I chatted with the main imam and he confirmed to me that they were badly persecuted in Pakistan, where he was from. They are not recognized by mainstream Muslims because they believe in a latter prophet after Mohammad. However, during the presentation, after which they put the usual happy face on Islam and the Prophet, I had to drag it out of him in the Q and A about the persecution for the benefit of the audience. Everything was the usual propaganda including a comical refusal to admit that Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated it at nine. “Not less than 12”.

    It is true that they have a pretty good record in not being involved in terror, but they do ascribe to sharia. They are not being totally honest in their outreach.

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