An early report on Mufti al Husseini’s war crimes

A report in 1947, by noted journalist Drew Pearson, in his syndicated ‘Washington Merry-Go-Round‘ column  provides some contrast with the mainstream media’s failure to address Grand Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini’s murderous record during this week’s fuss over Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks.

St. Petersburg Times – Sep 15, 1947, “Arab Leader Worked with Hitler” by Drew Pearson – Washington Merry-Go-Round column. Copy syndicated at St. Joseph Gazette – Sep 15, 1947.

Article highlights:

– Grand Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini was behind the efforts to block the creation of a Jewish nation in Palestine in 1947.

– The United States’ State Department censored the Mufti’s activities.

– Refers in depth to Dieter Wisliceny’s testimony at Nuremberg.

– Jewish escape of thousands of Jews blocked by the Mufti – as discovered in a telegram of July 25th 1944.

– June 5th 1943, Mufti blocked the movement of 4,000 Jewish children to Palestine.

– June 28th 1943, Mufti blocked the transport of 1,800 Jews to Romania.

– The Mufti planned with the Reich in its final days (March and April 1945) to continue war with the British and the Jews (“the common enemy”).


For an analysis of the Mufti’s potential role in helping initiate the Third Reich’s extermination programme directed at European Jewry see
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2 Responses

  1. While I think it legitimate to debate the extent of the Mufti’s influence on Hitler, I’m still very grateful to Netanyahu for bring up the matter, as it serves as a useful reference to help understand the historical context of present events. The reaction of the MSM is hardly surprising, as people who live in dream worlds don’t like wake up calls.

  2. @JD, agreed – while the mainstream media gleefully attacked Netanyahu, the essence of what he said was correct. Wolfgang G. Schwanitz has defended Netanyahu’s remarks: “Schwanitz faulted Netanyahu for misspeaking in his “attempt to be anecdotal,” but said that the broader argument he was attempting to make during his remarks was correct.”

    The Mufti has been a shadowy figure – too often ignored so hopefully this attack on Netanyahu will help foster some new interest.

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